More coincidii


Ford Probe

Ooooh, busy, busy, busy. I have a guest at the moment and each day is packed with excitement, the good kind. It stops me sitting at this computer, which is a good thing. Sorry about the lack of blogging, though.



This morning we were sitting at a footpath cafe table and a car pulled in with a number plate CGG-123 or whatever the numbers were. CGG? I didn’t know what it was. I looked it up this afternoon and it’s City of Greater Geraldton.

But amazingly, parked two cars down was a Perth car with a number plate 1CGG-123. How about that for a coincidence?

Then, at the cafe, we got talking to the owner and, knowing my name is Peter, said he used to live in Brookton as a boy and grew up with a Brookton kid called Peter Croft. “Huh, that’s my name!” This Brookton kid was very intelligent, he said, and left to go to uni in Perth, then went to work up north where he made very high wages. But he drank and smoked himself to death, the cafe owner said. The similarity ended there. But two coincidences in one day! What are the chances of that? (Irony there.)



Ever heard of the Lexus SC-430? Neither had I. It was a copy of the Mercedes SLK by the looks, and examples are now available second hand for $10k-30k. They are all 12-15 years old and with a lot of kilometres, but with Lexus reliability and build quality, would be a potential buy. Yum.



The car at the top of this post is the Ford Probe and there’s a 1997 model for sale in Adelaide, of that colour, and automatic, with only 140,000km, for $3,500. Dang, I should buy that!!!



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