Super blood moon, March 2018  (C) PJ Croft 2018

Again. I’m injured again. A little bit.

We were walking looking for a restaurant on Thursday evening and I was closely watching my feet. If you know Bali pavements, you have to be very careful. Sudden changes in level, loose tiles, pot holes, slippery bits, it’s a minefield. There I was, being ultra careful, with a bit of trouble with my new triple zone multi-focals, and low light levels, shadows, you get the idea. We passed to the left of a parked truck when suddenly, WHACK!. I had walked bang into the truck’s mirror on its extended frame.

I thought I’d broken my glasses at first, they took such a hit. But once I resettled them, it hurt a bit but I recovered and carried on. Having reached the restaurant, the waitress pointed out that I had blood on my nose. It was just a small graze high up, and a serviette cleared the blood, but there you go, two injuries in two days. Duh.


We went to a restaurant/bar last night to have dinner with a friend of my partner’s, Ernst and his wife. He’s Austrian, she’s Indonesian and they live here. The restaurant’s called the Arena, and wow, what a great place. It has a long bar with plenty of seating and normal tables as well. It’s a multicultural mix of cuisines, kind of specialising in German, Austrian, Swiss, Aussie, and American, with a few Mexican and local dishes as well. Plus the widest range of beers and wines this side of Dan Murphy’s.

It was the manager’s birthday and he got the rock band in to celebrate. Wow, it was LOUD! After a slow start, many of the women got up to dance, putting on a good show. There were only two or three guys.

The food was great, the beer and wine were cold, the music in tune and the prices reasonable. We finished up at about 1.30am I think.

Then it was taxi back to our hotel and a dip in the pool at about 2.30am, looking up at the moon dipping between the clouds. Strangely, I coudn’t see any red moon eclipse. I don’t know why. This was just naked eye, of course. Oh well, I saw a red moon eclipse back in March. The next one’s in 2123 so I’ll see it then.

Bed at about 4am and we slept nearly all day.


One comment on “Encore!

  1. keith geary says:

    You really have developed a knack for finding new and unusual ways to knock yourself about. Vis-a-vis the potential tsunami. Were you expecting there to be one in the poo,l or is the pool adjacent to the ocean?

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