Uh oh, here it comes again.


Sometimes it feels like lightning has struck. Not in a bad way, instead a good way, I think. You may recall I’ve had the hots for at least two years to replace my Magna with a second hand Mercedes. But at the end of last year I gave the idea up as being too ambitious and bought the bargain Verada, then the Honda. I believe Mercs are great cars, but can break just like any car, and if they do, they’re very, very expensive.

But for more than two years I looked at the ads, finding that most of them are on the east coast (mainly Melbourne more than Sydney, must be a lot of lawyers and money men in Melbourne), so I relished the idea of buying one over there, flying over on FF points and driving it back slowly so as to see the bits I haven’t visited. And to visit a dear aunt in Brizzy if possible. It depended on the time of year, of course. With thunder-snow and destructive icy blasts and gales all over the east today, I wouldn’t want to be touring right now. By the way, it’s clear once again that Australia is two countries in one, east and west. The weather in WA? World’s best climate, I reckon. It’s pretty cool and raining now, but no wind and only 17degC, that’s nothin’ to worry about – I’m still wearin’ me shorts 🙂

Screenshot_2019-08-02 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Auto MY05(4)

Anyway, getting back to the point, a Mercedes has come up in a private sale that seems to tick all the boxes.

  • it’s the right model: a 2005 CL500. I’d prefer a 2006, but this is close enough;
  • it’s very low Kms, only 118,000, practically still in warranty for a Merc;
  • it’s the right colour, black – I hate silver, which is the only other colour in Australia;
  • it’s the right price – right according to what I know and by the Red Book;
  • it’s in immaculate condition, from the photos;
  • it’s in the right location – Port Douglas, Qld. I’d love to collect it from there;
  • it’s the right time of the year to do the drive, i.e. Oct/Nov roughly.

It’s also an all black leather interior, unfortunately, as I would have much preferred tan (below right), but it can’t be helped.

But everything else falls into place. I know I said I was scared off by the reputation for cost and unreliability but at the low kms it’s done, I think I’d take the chances. Unless you’re unlucky, they will go for years, given the right care and feeding. It’s a 5L supercharged V8, 0-100 in 5.6secs by the way, but I’d drive with a pussy foot, heh heh.

Screenshot_2019-08-02 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL500 Auto MY05(1)

This throws everything into the blender. I’d have to get rid of both Mitsubishis in a hurry. I’d keep Honda-san though, I like it too much to sell it unless I have to. It all  depends on finances, of course, and I’d be taking a risk, but I’d be betting the Merc will hold its value and might even start to rise, as they become more scarce. Just call me crazy but I feel it’s my last chance to do this big trip. It’s kind of my Route 66. I hope my friend will come with me.


I don’t know why it’s happening now but if you look at the comments at the end of my July 9 Tenth Anniversary post, people out there somewhere seem to like my blog. I wish I knew where they are, just from curiosity, but I’m very gratified and somewhat encouraged to write more often. It takes a fair while to write these posts, at least an hour, usually two, so I don’t do it every day, but I’ll try to do more. Thank you to all who have replied and please keep the comments coming.


I’ve become addicted to Facebook’s Marketplace. It’s like looking through an infinite pawn shop and my right finger just seems unable to stop scrolling through the goodies. There’s an awful lot of dross, of course, but a few desirables. I’m amazed at how battered and dirty some goods are, though, and how people don’t seem bothered enough to dust and clean them before taking the photos for sale.

I’ve been tempted to buy a few times but I’m usually put off by the long drive to see the goods. However, I’ve sold a couple of items in the past few weeks and it’s not a bad way to sell, although strangely, people seem to think they don’t want to drive all the way out here /-)

I’ve accumulated an awful lot of goodies over the years and it’s time to realise some cash if possible. I have an awful lot to sell, and it’s all as clean as the day it was unwrapped. I look after my things.


Today I’ve received a DVD I ordered from Amazon, Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? It stars Jaqueline Bisset, George Segal (whatever happened to him?) and Robert Morley. I saw it many years ago (it says ©1978) and I’ve seen it once more somewhere, but it’s the only movie I know of that never shows up in the old movie bins and is never repeated on TV. Why? I reckon it’s a great movie (in the comedy sense) and deserves to be better known.




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