Saturday, a day off at last!

Pagi, pagi,. Beautiful rain and thunder for the last couple of hours. Soft, cool breeze here in the open air lobby. Aaaaah.

Hmmm, interesting afternoon yesterday. I made myself do the 800m walk to the Hardy’s department store down the road and got there OK. I stopped, wiped the sweat off and had a rest a couple of times, but I felt better for having done it.

The interesting thing was that I saw a sign right next to The Village Restaurant that made me perk up and take notice (and photos). Here it is:

It’s right next to The Village Restaurant in Jalan Tamblingan here in Sanur, on the beach side of the road.

US$299,000 is the same in our money now. Three big bedrooms, three full bathrooms, all rooms looking onto your own private pool in an atrium, 100m from Sanur beach without having to cross the road, a 250m2 dwelling (I assume that’s what 2.5ares means – that’s huge), full security as they say, right next door to a classy restaurant in a quiet area, with dozens of other restaurants nearby. Hardy’s supermarket is about 300m down the road for all your dairy and exotic foods. Australian, French and Californian wine is stocked, if desired.

As we were saying yesterday, you wouldn’t want to own a car here – taxis are so cheap. You could employ a maid (or two!) to do the cleaning and cooking. Either the maid would do it, or you cross the road for a $10 meal. Cheaper than grocery shopping at home. At the moment, this is what it looks like:

It’s impossible to imagine the March 2011 completion date being met, but I’m not ready either. Taking a 30 year lease? Not sure what that means, nor a 10 year option, but details, mere details…

I’m not talking timeshare or holiday home, I’m talkin’ selling up, cashing up, moving here. Perth is only 3 1/2 hours and $199 away. The Bali International Medical Centre is 10 mins down the road. You can vaccinate dogs against rabies, and quarantine for Minnie wouldn’t be difficult.
No need to trust local banks – maintain your Perth accounts and use the ATMs. I’ll be eligible for the pension in Feb 2012 – I’d still get it deposited into my Karrinyup bank account as usual. No problem.

Boy, it makes me think. So much to do here, so much life. Go to Singapore or Malaysia or Perth every three months to renew the entry visa. Hmmmm.   Just pipe dreaming.

My next door neighbour has sent me a long email saying Minnie is fine and happy, although she much prefers to be in her own yard. Excellent.

Sun’s out, steam’s rising, rain’s stopped. Kuta this afternoon, I think, to see how much it’s changed since 1983 when I last walked Legian Rd.

This was Poppies Lane in 1983. So uncluttered, so quiet.

I think I’m in for a shock.

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