More speed

On Saturday I finally made the move to a new wireless internet connection which I hope will give me much more speed. It’s the Vivid Wireless ViViFi portable wi-fi modem.

It’s like a portable mobile phone shaped like a very sleek, smooth, white cake of soap. It connects to up to five of your computers by wi-fi within a 20m radius or so and links them to Vivid’s 4G network.

The promise is speeds of up to 40Mbits/sec but I doubt I’ll see that kind of speed, but already this morning I saw 13Mbits/sec in one test. The best I’ve had in the past two years with other wireless networks is 1mbit/sec tops, usually half that.

What will it mean? Have a look at this:

I uploaded this same video last week from Bali but it was only a small window and heavily compressed. I’ve just recompressed it but at a bigger window size and ended up with a 10MB file. It’s uploading now and I don’t know how it’ll go, but it should look a lot better. Of course, it’ll be much slower for you to download and view too, so apologies if it takes a while. Let me know if you need ideas on a good download helper and way to view it.

The other advantage of the ViViFy modem is that it’s battery powered, so I can just unplug it from the charger, put it in my pocket, put the laptop in my bag and hit the road. Internet anywhere, not dependent on finding a hotspot. I can also sit out at my outdoor patio table and work out there under the umbrella. Oh, the decadence!

Aha! In the 5 mins it took to write the above, it’s finished uploading and I can check it. That would have taken at least 30mins in Bali, if it was possible at all.

OK, it looks good to me. The window doesn’t look bigger on this page, but if ou dowload and view the movie separately, it will be 852 x 480 pixels.

So for $199 plus $29 for 3GB of data, it looks hopeful so far.