ABC Update

London across the Thames from Greenwich  (C) PJ Croft 2008
I’ve had a reply from Media Watch expressing interest in my complaint and asking for any new information. Therefore, excerpts from my follow up email:
“I’ve been through [the recordings] today working out what to do and found that the delayed feed on ABC1 didn’t cut out at the “hornpipe point” and does show the Tower Bridge fireworks and the end of the broadcast. But I was watching the ABC24 LIVE feed at 1am and that definitely did stop before the end.”
“Summing up:
* WA viewers got a live feed in hi-def on ABC24, but with the ticker tape permanently on (as for all viewers, of course)
* ABC News24 viewers were cut off before the end, ie before the fireworks and BBC closing
* WA viewers got a complete feed, but two hours delayed and in SD, whereas Sydney viewers got a live feed on ABC1, albeit in SD
* above all, who decided the banal, repetitive news ticker should stay on the live HD feed of this once in a generation, once in a lifetime, once in 350 years, unrepeatable, never to be seen again event?”
I await further developments.

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