On the squeeze

This shot is of a painting I saw in Bali. I’m posting it because it reminds me strongly of an oesophagus, maybe mine? Heh heh. (Btw the name of the surgeon who put my band in was Watson. Alimentary, Dr Watson?)
I’ve been to the doctor today and restarted the gastric band process. I had 3ml put in and I can’t feel anything different at this moment, but I don’t expect to yet. I’ll give this a few weeks, then sneak some more in and gradually get used to the constriction. I feel better able to observe and monitor this time, having had some experience and a long break away from it.  Right at this moment though, I’m hungry as hell but no solid food allowed, liquids only. Beer is liquid …

I also had my annual flu vaccination. This year’s vax includes protection against swine flu. Yesterday a friend, someone I thought had a few brain cells, tried insistently to persuade me it’s all a doctors’ con to fund their new Merc or Audi. If you believe that mate, you deserve to catch it. I nearly hung up on you. I will do next time. I could not believe the aggro you were projecting. I make the decisions about my health, thank you.

Minnie continues the same as ever. She’s got a big bulge in her side near her right hip, but it’s soft and she makes no reaction at all when I press it or if it scrapes on the door frame. She even sleeps on that side. My conclusion is that it doesn’t hurt. She still smiles, still jigs at food time, still eats and excretes normally. She just wants to be outside in the cold and wet all the time. I think she’s OK.
Interesting to hear the news item today that the Big Two supermarket chains appear to be setting up new shops, BIG supermarkets, in towns and areas which don’t seem able to support s/ms of that size. The suggestion is that the big guys are prepared to subsidise losses for a year or two in order to drive out the small store competition and establish their place in the town or suburb. Their losses are made up by the profits from the big population centres.
What this means is that by chasing a few cents cheaper all the time, customers, shoppers, are helping them drive out the small shops, the IGAs. Remember when we used to have more than three choices?  Yes, we had Coles and Woolworths, but we also had Macs, Freecorns, Tom the Cheap, Dewsons, Safeway, Action, Four Square, Newmart, Supa Valu, Stammers, Payless … all gone except IGA. They’re nearly all gone!
Stay away from the BIG GUYS! They are robbing us, cheating us, crippling their small competitors and reducing your choice all the time.
By trying to save a few cents by using the big guys, you’re spending those cents just driving there anyway and losing your choices.