Phew, that was close

Fred, or is it Freda? Butcher bird
Not to miss a day —  did you know we had a near miss?
It only came to light yesterday but an asteroid passed us by a day or two ago. The thing is, it was 1Km in diameter. If it had hit Earth, it would have been a mass extinction event, as they call it. That size is enough to wipe us out.  In fact, the nearest it came was 14x the Earth – Moon distance. That’s a good miss, no problem.
What makes me mention it is that it was only picked up on 10 June on its way in because it was a dark-material asteroid, not very bright and it didn’t show up in telescopes.
Ten days’ warning! If it had hit us, bye bye.
The point is: do it now. If you want to do something, go somewhere, connect with someone, do it now. There may be no tomorrow. Where do you think all those craters on moons and planets and this planet came from? Hits.
That’s why, when I found another good price for that Sigma 120-400mm APO lens I missed last week, I put in a new order today. Different company, still Aussie based but imported stock.
I went further with that Dick Smith complaint I wrote about yesterday. I copied it in edited form to the official Dick Smith web site.  After an age of filling in all my details (address, phone number, email address etc etc) I clicked SUBMIT (great word, that – submission).
Nothing happened, except the whirling circle. It went on and on, one minute, two minutes — eventually I simply switched away to another app, not cancelling, just letting it do its thing.
I came back 5 mins later to find my complaint in the text box garbled, corrupted. Did it go through? I have no idea.  Great Aussie service. Crap. I buy on-line now.