Blood moon? Bloody moon!


Fizzog. This was the so called Super Blood Moon this evening. There was too much hazy cloud. I got home a bit too late to go down to Lake Joondalup as I did for the last Blood Moon two years ago, but it’s lucky I didn’t go because, photographically, it wasn’t worth it.


But, you’d think that, being so experienced, I would have done better and checked my equipment beforehand, wooden ya? Nah, she’ll be right, Noreen. When I went to use the Nikon P950 with the 2000mm lens, it was dead. Flat battery. Duh! So these are old faithfull, the Nikon FZ70 with the 1200mm zoom. It did the job, these being nearly full frame shots.

But the whole thing was a fizzer. Next time, eh?


I had to make a trip to Morley today to see a lawyer about my mortgage and took the Peugeot, of course. Nice drive, nearly an hour! But I’m finding a few not so good things now.

  • Wind buffeting with the window down. It doesn’t seem to matter how much the window is open or closed, it sets up a buffeting, bad enough to hurt my left eardrum. Open the passenger side a bit? It helps, but not completely. I haven’t found the right combination yet.
  • I had to drive home with my seatbelt only draped across my body. I fought for more than five minutes, trying to get the tongue into the receptacle, but I had to give up. I just could not get it into the slot and latched.
    Luckily, the AliExpress web site offers a “seat belt extender”, which is steel duplication of the belt prong that clips into the floor receptacle and gives a couple of inches extra. It’s probably meant for fat people (who me? Noooo!), but it will lift the slot up from the tight space between the seat and the console. It should be here soon.
  • I hadn’t tried the CD player since I bought the car, and you guessed it, it won’t accept a CD in the slot. There may be a disc jammed in there.
    Anyway, that makes my mind up to buy the Chinese made drop-in replacement that I’ve found on YouTube. Installation is dead easy – no adapters needed, and you get a big LCD touch-screen which gives GPS navigation, AM/FM radio, with DAB+ available with a $75 add on adapter, CD/DVD/MP3, plus all the car controls, including aircon. It’s pricey at $550, but ….

    More tomorrow. Dinner time.

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