New development

Not sure where I found this on the web, but it’s very good, I think.

Brrr, it sure has switched to winter, suddenly. For readers in colder climes, a maximum temp of 20deg probably sounds like summer, but for us, it’s getting to be sweater weather. And 7deg minimums, brrrr. My Viennese friend says our winter and their summer are about equal temps at the moment. In other words, although it’s summer in Vienna, it’s still bloody cool by my reckoning, and hers too, I think.

Of course, 21 June will be mid-winter here and mid-summer there.


I had the stitches removed from my former skin cancer site yesterday and it’s all healed quite nicely, except for a few black spots.

Before, stitches in
After, stitches out, 1 June 2021

Doesn’t look much different, does it? “Lord, I am afflicted by a bald patch.” Oh dear.

Anyway, that’s not the point — the surgeon came in after the nurse had taken the stitches out, and after humming and hah-ing, he said, although the report says there’s no spread of the cancer, he’s not sure that he got it all out. Therefore he said he would like to lift the skin graft and have another look. Or, I could have radiation.

At first, I said radiation sounds like a cleaner, less painful idea, but I asked him what he thought. He wants to do the surgery (being a surgeon, I suppose he would). Therefore I’m booked in for 10 June for a second go. I’m OK with it, except that I have to go through the stitches and bleeding all over again.

At the same time, I showed him how that side of my eye has drooped. He agrees, and says he’ll do a small lift to correct my “brow-ptosis”, ptosis meaning droop. I think I’d better have it done because my right eyelid doesn’t fully open and my eye is watery. It’s harder to read, with unbalanced eyesight.

I also asked for a full check of my scalp. My GP says “Oh, they’re just keratoses, nothing to worry about”, but my former GP dismissed the temple thing as “Just a cyst” and so I didn’t take it seriously. I want a full check of my scalp.

So it goes on, medical appointment after appointment. Dum de dum.


Glass swimming pool, London

Pretty amazing, in my opinion. It’s a glass swimming pool between two halves of an apartment building in London. It’s 35m above the ground. With the weight of that water, it shows how strong glass is. It’s fascinating to look at, but I reckon if I were swimming in it, being able to see through the water to the ground would give me acrophobia and vertigo.


To be continued……..


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