Oh my Dawg

Minnie dozing  20 June 2012
What a cold, rotten winter afternoon. It seems colder and wetter and harsher than I remember in previous winters.
Minnie has been inside all afternoon since the thunder at about 1pm. She seems happy, as shown in the shot above, dozing, snoring, noticing every move I make, but happy. I gave her the bone she expects at 5pm and this time, I let her eat it inside (very unusual) without moving. She chewed it all up and seemed happy. I gave her a small meatball as well.
But 20 minutes ago, just when I was thinking of providing her 6.30pm dinner, while the wind is blowing and the rain is drizzling and the cold is clamping, she went to the door and wanted to go out. Maybe she wanted a poo, but she hasn’t come back. I saw her poo earlier. It’s better, of course, if she eats less, just like me!
I tried to keep her in, but she wants to be outside, no matter how cold, no matter how bleak. I give her her wish, but it hurts me. She hasn’t come back into this warm room. I hope she’s OK.

7:15pm – aah, not so bad. I went out of the room then came back and there she was, lying on the cold concrete outside the back door in the rain. I opened the door and she came in and accepted her dinner. I will try to keep her inside for the night, but she’ll almost certainly insist on going out again soon. She does it by going to the door, panting, grunting and looking back at me: “Let me out.” I can’t insist.


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