Crushed and burnt

[I should have pointed out, after all my talk of copyright, that the picture above is not one of mine. I wish it was. I would credit it if I knew who to give credit to, but it’s just an image I admire that I found on the web. Sorry, whoever took it. Great shot.]

In my earlier posts, although I said I was disappointed in the ABC’s coverage of the Thames Pageant, at least I had the security of thinking I had a hi-def copy on my Panasonic DVR hard drive.

The main recording was 6hrs 30mins long, so I figured I’d divide it up into recordable chunks (about 3 x 2hrs plus a bit) to get it off to DVD. To do that, the Panasonic DVR has to convert hi-def recordings to what they call XP quality. It needs to do it in real time, so it takes 6hrs 30mins!

I let it go overnight. It converts while you sleep and erases the original DR version which can’t be copied to DVD.

What I didn’t realise is that it converts the 16×9 wide screen vision to 4:3, then stretches it back to 16×9! All the vision now looks like this:

I’ve lost it!  I didn’t check the recordings and just let them go. Only now, after I’ve converted 3 out of 5 recordings, do I realise what’s happened. Don’t convert DR to another format!!! Hi-def tuner, check. Hi-def recording, check. Wanna get it off onto DVD? No, mate.

Therefore I’ve lost most of my hi-def vision and my SD copies are unwatchable.

Oh, simple, I’ll just wait 60 years for the next one. Aaaaaarrrrrrgh!

By the way, lest you think I’ve been sounding off in isolation, take a look at The Guardian’s web site The BBC are being roundly criticised for a poor coverage of the Thames Pageant and other Aussie viewers have complained about the ABC cutting off the live feed before it finished. You’ll see my criticism in the comments section as PCPete.

No worries, mate. 

Take two everybody. That was a stuffup, but we’ll get it right in the second take. Everyone back to your places. Ready, lights, camera, take two, ACTION.

If you missed the transit of Venus yesterday and won’t be around when it happens next in 2117 (why not … what’s wrong with you?) here is the best collection of video and images available:  They are fantastic, especially the time lapse video.
I also wrote months ago about the Dawn probe  which is looking at the asteroid Vesta, out between Mars and Jupiter. The photo I put up then was pretty blurry because the probe was still a long way out.
Since then the images have become spectacular:
This was shot in July last year. Now a new video clip has been put on-line which is just delightful. It adds colour to what is a pretty dull surface and is worth a look:   Nice.