Coles deceptions

I have just sent this to Coles corporate web site as a complaint:

You BASTARDS. Congratulations – you’ve tricked me again!
On Thursday 9 August I bought two packets of Birds Eye Wok Ready 750g meals BECAUSE THEY WERE SHOWN AS ON SPECIAL AT $4.99 each.
They scanned at $9.99 each. I didn’t notice until I got home and being aged 65 and with poor mobility, I have been unable to go back and SHOUT AT the poor bloody shop people.
I realise now that only one of the few varieties of Wok Ready flavours was on special.
Congratulations! You’ve deceived your customer once again.
This is happening more and more – deceptive pricing on shelves.
Even when I try to look closely, I STILL get caught! My eyesight is deteriorating but your fine print is deliberately designed to catch us out. BASTARDS.
On the same trip, I managed to catch another of your deceptions. I bought an item marked with a yellow SPECIAL tag at $5.81, only to have it scan at $21.40!! Luckily I caught it and rejected it in time. But I was embarrassed because it was an item of makeup and I didn’t like being seen buying it.
This is happening over and over again. I have to pay careful attention to what the tags actually refer to, and since they are often low down (yeah, low down!) I can hardly read them. It’s deliberate deception!
I will no longer willingly shop at Coles. I am fed up. You are predatory, deceiving bastards. I take every opportunity to highlight this, including on-line on my blog.
Damn you.
I have the receipt, but there’s no way to attach it. How convenient.
Therefore I’m going to post this on my blog for the world to read.

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