Dumb and Dumber

Get ripped with this Mescalin lettuce!
Notice anything about the package above? It’s mixed lettuce.
Mescalin? Mescaline is a narcotic drug belong to the amphetamine family, made usually around Mexico from the juice of cactuses. Hunter S. Thompson used to love it, I think.
Mesclun is the lettuce mix, from the French word meaning a mixture of small leaves.
The sheer dumbness of WA people, in particular, never ceases to amaze me. People here are just plain stupid. Especially, they don’t care. They won’t take the trouble to move out of their own shadows.
Another example is the old apostrophe chestnut – misuse is rife, but there’s one example in particular that stuns me.  There’s a brand of Greek yoghurt made and sold here in WA called Chris’ yoghurt.
Chris’ yoghurt! They mean Chris’s, but they do the thing of abbreviating the possessive and thinking putting on an apostrophe fixes it.  An example would be Mr Edwards, and Mr Edwards’ dog. I would say Mr Edwards’s dog, but they think they should leave the extra s off.
But Chris’ yoghurt? Words fail me, and them.
A worse example is the peculiarly WA thing where women, especially, are refusing to have their children vaccinated. They’ve got it into their tiny skulls that vaccination can be dangerous and so they think they won’t have their kids endangered.
Their tiny brains can’t grasp that by not vaccinating, not only are they exposing their own kids to the deadly diseases of measles, whooping cough, and all the other nasties, they are also allowing these diseases to take hold in schools where their un-vaccinated kids attend!
I’m glad to see that the Federal Government is excluding parents from a tax allowance if they don’t vaccinate. It might work, but there’s no underestimating the stupidity of people.
Which reminds me, in the good ol’ USA after the Batman massacre, gun sales have increased by 40%. But a proposal to make a mental health check mandatory befor you can buy a gun there is doomed to fail.
Why? Because if a person has a mental health check because he or she wants to buy a gun and gets an adverse report, it affects a whole range of things – job security, hunting licenses, driving license and so-on. So people would refuse to have tests. Therefore the tests legislation is doomed to fail!
They deserve to die.

I’m moving

I’m moving this blog to https://bullsroar.wordpress.com/
All my posts up to now are over there now.

It’s still a bit raw and rough yet, so I’ll continue on here for the time being. But eventually all new posts will be at the above address. I hope it will be less bug prone and generally better.

It’s more complex to use, but I hope it will look a lot better asap.