I am writing, very frequently, to Dr Mal Washer, Federal MHR for Cowan, the electorate north of me. Michael Keenan, I am ashamed to say, is the member for Stirling which is my electorate.
Doctor Washer is a medical doctor, a GP, and we used to be at Kingswood College, UWA in 1965, at the same time. He graduated as a medico. I was on a different course. Boy, what a different course!
He relies on nurses. He is a member of the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the union hating party, the-no-apology-to-Aborigines party, the anti-refugees boat people, push-’em-back-to-Indonesia party. A Tony Abbott lover.

I have been sending him emails saying, Repudiate your leader or be branded a hypocrite. he has never replied. I say he is a coward.

DOCTOR Washer, Mr Keenan,

You bastards hate unions. You supported “Work Choices” and were roundly rejected by the electorate for that draconian legislation.

Nurses in Perth are angry and fed up because the state government is going to increase the parking charges at hospitals, which the nurses have to pay when they park at their workplace!

This is a tax on nurses’ wages.

In your philosophy, the nurses are not allowed to make a collective union led protest. Every nurse should have to go individually to management and make her/his protest about the parking charges.

You’re mentally ill!

DOCTOR Washer, I bet you don’t pay parking charges!

No need to say any more.

The Dentist Says …

Hi Yudhie
I forgot to mention – in my dental examination on Monday, they measure the pH of your saliva. Mine measured at 6.2, so it is perfectly true, I have an acid tongue!
It is true, I am one who no longer suffers fools quietly. I’m quite happy to tolerate people who can’t do any better, but when someone, a frequent visitor over many years with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, continues, despite my repeated requests, to refer to refugees as “illegals”, I get angry. He is in my house when he says it! Yet he will not stop.
So, out!
His comment when all the refugees drowned off the sinking boat a few weeks ago?
“Why do they [the RAN/RAAF/Coastwatch/Dept of Immigration] have to bring them to Perth? Why can’t they take them [the survivors] back to Indonesia?”
I nearly blew my stack with him then, but I wasn’t sure of the answer.
The answer is, (a) because Indonesia won’t take them; (b) because we can’t just fly into Indonesian territory, land and dump refugees; (c) we have the best facilities to treat injured survivors; and (d) because we are Australians! It’s what we do. We are humanitarians.
Not this bastard. He’d be happier if they drowned. I’m referring to Mr Negative from yesterday, a long, long-time “friend”. Why did I put up with him for so long???