Word salad

Um, mesclun, methinks
I’ve just eaten some more of the Mescalin salad leaves as featured with my name in today’s Inside Cover in the West Australian.
I submitted this item last Friday and they phoned me twice, Friday and Saturday, to double check my identity and ask questions about the item before publication.
As the New York Times writer said, “If your mother calls to say she loves you, get another source.”
I debated whether to phone the company before I dobbed them in, but if they’re too lazy to use a dictionary or the web to check before they get their packaging made, they deserve a rocket (boom, boom).
In fact, I’m pretty disgusted with the quality of the WA made salads I buy at IGA. They are made from the tough, leathery outer leaves of lettuces, sometimes containing as few as two baby tomatoes, with old, tough capsicum slices and in the Caesar Salads, rubbishy, dry, counterfeit bacon chips and flavourless croutons. All at $8!
We are being served crap at high prices! It’s time we jacked up, as Japanese consumers do. Don’t accept this rubbish. Complain.

Good day

Blossom start August 2012
What a nice day. I got up at 4am and watched the whole of the Olympics Closing Ceremony. 
Wow! With the sound up high, it rocked. What a change in technology. Hi def digital vision, digital audio, LCD screen, LED lighting all over the stadium, radio mics everywhere, hand held cameras, flying cameras, chopper shots, flawless stadium sound, huge stadium screens … it’s hard to imagine how it could get better. This is so far ahead of 2000 and the 1990s. I think it even surpassed Beijing in 2008.
I posted a comment on the Guardian’s newspaper web site:

 Congratulations, you Pommy bastards. Top job, top show. I got up at 4am and watched all of the closing. It was great!

I admit I was a doubter. All those pre-games troubles had me worried, but it was all right on the night. Even the weather played the game.

Well done, from a proud Aussie. Proud of my English heritage, even from 7 generations ago, and proud to be an Aussie as well. Geez, I’m gettin’ a bit emotional.

If only I could summon the cash and the strength to come to London now. I bet the atmosphere will be fabulous for the next few months. Ya never know, ya might see me in my shorts and T shirt yet. Say G’day if you do.

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Then at about 7am I went for a walk along my street to the corner and back. I must admit, I don’t do it anymore so this was a bit hard. But I did it, and more importantly, Minnie followed me! She’s still capable of walking to the corner and back, and I’m sure she loved it.

Crumbs, I’ve got to do it more!

As well, it was a nice, fine day and my almond tree is on the point of bursting into flower. And North Beach/Trigg is the top performing suburb in real estate values for June.