This is a salad?

See those two little blobs? That is the bocconcini cheese you get in a Woolies salad for $6.98!
Hah! Little did I know that the bocconcini salad would contain just two, tiny pieces of bocconcini cheese!
Woolies is being informed.

Coles for Kids

Coles’s idea of Kids’ DVDs
Oh yeah, nearly forgot. This is Coles Supermarket at Innaloo last Thursday 9 August.
Coles’s idea of DVDs suitable for kids includes Shutter Island rated MA 15+, Gladiator rated R, and Atonement rated R.¬† There may be others but I can’t read the labels.
I think Coles is going to hear more about this. (Taken with my iPod Touch).

Woolies joins in the deceptions too

Woolies attempted deception  14 August 2012
Not to be outdone, Woolies got me again today.
In the photo above, notice the WOW SALAD BOCONCCINI (sic) TOMATO & BASIL 300G? It scanned at $6.98, even though it’s clearly marked down to $5.58.
(Also note that they can’t even spell their own product name properly. Look at the tub label, bocconcini, which is correct.)
I am tired of this. To get it fixed, I have to go back to Karrinyup and stand at the counter. I don’t want to do this! I have no reason to go back for a week or more.
I cannot go through a scanning checkout these days without catching at least one of these attempted scams, be it Woolies, Coles or IGA.¬† I think it’s time to go to the ACCC and demand that scanning “errors” be stopped.
Additionally, it used to be that if you found a scanning error, you got the item free. Not any more! They stopped that years ago. Too many payouts I reckon — too many errors.
I was pleased to hear about the Facebook rant today about Target children’s clothing. A woman posted her anger at Target making “trashy” clothing for 7-14 year olds.
I don’t care about that, but I do care about K-Mart’s DRAB clothing. In men’s clothing, you can have any shade of drab you like, as long as it’s black, purple, green, turquoise, military camouflage or grey.
But the overwhelming impression in K-Mart men’s is DRAB. It looks awful! Cheap, but rubbish.
Bali, by contrast has magnificent men’s clothing. I can’t find anything I like here, but up there I am in clothing heaven. The only problem is, 4XL is not a common size in Bali!
I think it’s time I started telling these local waster shops that they can take their drab and stuff it. No wonder retail business in Australia is bad. These guys can’t sell to save their lives.

Coles deceptions

I have just sent this to Coles corporate web site as a complaint:

You BASTARDS. Congratulations – you’ve tricked me again!
On Thursday 9 August I bought two packets of Birds Eye Wok Ready 750g meals BECAUSE THEY WERE SHOWN AS ON SPECIAL AT $4.99 each.
They scanned at $9.99 each. I didn’t notice until I got home and being aged 65 and with poor mobility, I have been unable to go back and SHOUT AT the poor bloody shop people.
I realise now that only one of the few varieties of Wok Ready flavours was on special.
Congratulations! You’ve deceived your customer once again.
This is happening more and more – deceptive pricing on shelves.
Even when I try to look closely, I STILL get caught! My eyesight is deteriorating but your fine print is deliberately designed to catch us out. BASTARDS.
On the same trip, I managed to catch another of your deceptions. I bought an item marked with a yellow SPECIAL tag at $5.81, only to have it scan at $21.40!! Luckily I caught it and rejected it in time. But I was embarrassed because it was an item of makeup and I didn’t like being seen buying it.
This is happening over and over again. I have to pay careful attention to what the tags actually refer to, and since they are often low down (yeah, low down!) I can hardly read them. It’s deliberate deception!
I will no longer willingly shop at Coles. I am fed up. You are predatory, deceiving bastards. I take every opportunity to highlight this, including on-line on my blog.
Damn you.
I have the receipt, but there’s no way to attach it. How convenient.
Therefore I’m going to post this on my blog for the world to read.