Got one!

No brake lights except obscured HMSL   5:03pm Thurs 9 August 2012
I don’t like Bunnings. Monopolistic, domineering, predatory, bad service, all the usual stuff.
Today I may have had a win. I bought a new reticulation controller. The shelf price was $49.99.
I also bought some bookcase and wardrobe shelf supports, those little plastic or brass things that fit in the holes in the sides.
When I came to check out, there were only two checkouts operating with about 5 people queued at each one. I was stewing.
When my retic controller was scanned, it wouldn’t register. OK, the guy peeled off the top bar code to reveal another one underneath. This time, it scanned OK, at $23.89!
So how come it was shelf priced at $49.99? Rip off.
At Coles at Innaloo yesterday, I had the opposite experience. I saw Bird’s Eye Wok Meals on special at $4.99, so I grabbed two packets.
Only when I got home did I realise I’ve been charged $9.99 each packet!! That’s the full price, I assume.
I am angry. This is deception. I should take them back, but why the hell should I have to? I can’t face the trek back. I’m going to make a huge fuss on their complaints web page. I’m sick of this constant attempt to trick the customer.

Aunty ABC stuffs up again

I roll on the floor in laughter:
WA’s shark premier
I am becoming a bit of a regular contributor to Media Watch. They know me by now. The pig cruelty vision from last weekend may feature this Monday.
The above is tonight’s stupidity on the ABC News web site. I happen to loathe the guy, but I have to acknowledge how well he fits the image of a hammerhead shark.
So I sent the screen grab off to Media Watch, not reading the text below it.
Later (11:15pm) I refreshed the page.
Look at the text. ” … spooked a massive hammerhead shark to help rescue a man … “
Wow. What a good shark. What a nice shark. A hammerhead shark rescues a man. Lucky we didn’t start culling them, eh? We need these sharks.
The sheer blithering incompetence … it’s not as if this was fast, late breaking news. This story broke at about 11.30am, plenty of time for them to write the story!

Proud to be Aussie

Our wide brown land
This morning’s news included a story of Operation Open Heart. It’s a group of 64 doctors and medical professionals who voluntarily travel to countries like PNG (where they are now), Cambodia, Burma, Rwanda, Sudan and all the other places where heart surgeons are rather scarce.
They fix hearts for free, of course, but also train local surgeons in the latest techniques. They take 6 tonnes of equipment with them! Sixty four people, including medical gas technicians, biomedical engineers, anaesthetists, nurses and others.
They do it for several weeks then come back to Oz, ready for next year.
Coupled with our economy and our sporting people, the older I get, the prouder I’m becoming to be an Aussie. Well done, Australia.