Carpet Called Again

A manager from Carpet Call finally came here today, albeit 25 minutes late for his appointment time!
He set off on his own, looking at the job, and I left him to it. Barry was here – we drank coffee while Troy looked at the job.
Finally he came into the family room and said, “Yeah, I can see the problems.” I said, “I don’t care about the defects, it’s the whole crap experience I’m upset about! The fear!”
Upshot: long talk, new installer will come tomorrow, fix it all, sorry, Greg is at the end of the line, hasn’t come to work all this week, says he injured his thumb, (bulldust!), won’t be working for them much longer.

Barry worked his negotiating skills and kept me calm. We ended up talking footy and shaking hands. What else, I don’t know.¬† That’s it for now.

This is crap!

Purple lilies   — copyright original photographer unknown
Everyone who knows me knows I like a drink. But alcohol companies have apparently started placing advertising near kids’ sporting venues and making ads targeting kids and youths with fast cars and sporting heroes promoting beer and alcohol products.

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board was formed in March by Western Australian health advocates amid concerns the alcohol industry’s voluntary regulation system was inadequate. (ABC News)

More than 60 complaints have been received about ads targeting kids! 25 upheld.

Board member Mike Daube says most companies were unrepentant.
“Most of the companies are saying we just don’t think you have any standing so we’re not going to respond,” he said. 
The board has no power to force the advertisements to be withdrawn. (ABC News)
Ethics? What are those? Morals? Get lost.   
I don’t like nanny state stuff but this is bad.

Use-by Bog Rolls

What is it?
I’ve seen everything now. Yesterday at my local supermarket there was a shopping trolley, next to the markdown/short-date table, stacked to the brim with big 8-pack toilet paper packages.
Yes, toilet paper with a use-by date! I can’t believe it.
I did believe it and grabbed two 8 roll packs for $2.99 each. I’m going to go back today and get some more. I, er, don’t think I’m worried about use-by dates on this.
This reminds me that several weeks ago, I picked up a cube shaped cardboard package from the short-date table marked down to $3.99 or similar. It was an elegant package, brown with swirly patterns all over it, called Super Thins. Oooh, goody, I thought, After Dinner Mints. Might have those.
NO! Super Thins are, er, ladies feminine hygiene thingys.  I dropped ’em quick smart. It happened again a couple of weeks later. No, not for me, thanks.
Ya gotta laugh.