Use-by Bog Rolls

What is it?
I’ve seen everything now. Yesterday at my local supermarket there was a shopping trolley, next to the markdown/short-date table, stacked to the brim with big 8-pack toilet paper packages.
Yes, toilet paper with a use-by date! I can’t believe it.
I did believe it and grabbed two 8 roll packs for $2.99 each. I’m going to go back today and get some more. I, er, don’t think I’m worried about use-by dates on this.
This reminds me that several weeks ago, I picked up a cube shaped cardboard package from the short-date table marked down to $3.99 or similar. It was an elegant package, brown with swirly patterns all over it, called Super Thins. Oooh, goody, I thought, After Dinner Mints. Might have those.
NO! Super Thins are, er, ladies feminine hygiene thingys.  I dropped ’em quick smart. It happened again a couple of weeks later. No, not for me, thanks.
Ya gotta laugh.

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