This is crap!

Purple lilies   — copyright original photographer unknown
Everyone who knows me knows I like a drink. But alcohol companies have apparently started placing advertising near kids’ sporting venues and making ads targeting kids and youths with fast cars and sporting heroes promoting beer and alcohol products.

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board was formed in March by Western Australian health advocates amid concerns the alcohol industry’s voluntary regulation system was inadequate. (ABC News)

More than 60 complaints have been received about ads targeting kids! 25 upheld.

Board member Mike Daube says most companies were unrepentant.
“Most of the companies are saying we just don’t think you have any standing so we’re not going to respond,” he said. 
The board has no power to force the advertisements to be withdrawn. (ABC News)
Ethics? What are those? Morals? Get lost.   
I don’t like nanny state stuff but this is bad.

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