Australian Management?

15 August 2012 – my tree has not yet popped into flower.    In 2008 it bloomed around 1st August. Is it the dry weather?
Oh this buggy Blogger! I didn’t deliberately shift the picture. It did it all by itself. Duh!
OK, I sent complaints to both Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets showing the items below, and neither has responded today. So much for their web site complaints forms.
My next step will be to contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and to post on the CHOICE web site. Standby.
Today I also escalated a dispute with (Gold Coast address) to the Queensland Dept of Fair Trading. I bought a monopod from them a couple of weeks ago and when it arrived, it’s faulty. $135 worth. I believe they’ve sent me an old shop model which someone else has used but rejected. It has scratch marks and simply won’t work in the way it should.
I’ve sent them five emails and made two phone calls in the past 10 days, but all I get is either silence or an answering machine. I have had one email response, but only to say their warranty department would get back to me. Of course, they didn’t.
This isn’t a shonky mob. I actually bought my Canon HD camcorder from them in 2008 and went there to collect it, so I know they exist. I’ve bought from them before and had a good relationship, but boy, something’s gone wrong this time.
Today, with Bazza’s negotiating skills, I’ve also written a letter to Carpet Call saying, “Not satisfied! You don’t get off this lightly. I want financial compensation for the hell you put me through.”
On Barry’s advice, I’ve asked that it be dealt with at senior management level because this is a serious matter, and I want a written response. We’ll see what happens now.
I’m also expecting a phone call from Texas, USA, at 8am tomorrow morning, to validate my Photodex ProShow software. Even though I have a fully paid copy, even though I have a serial number, even though I have been a paid user since they first developed it about 6 years ago, I still have to validate it by connecting on the internet to their server.
But my desktop PC cannot connect to the internet and never will. Therefore I cannot use the software! I get very terse. I have complained from my laptop and they’ve said they’ll phone me, but only during their working hours. Luckily 8am here is 5pm in Texas, so I expect a call. They’d better.
Finally, here’s Minnie! She’s fine and smiling.