Olympic Spirit? Gone, over

The sun has set on the Olympic Spirit

I’ve been commenting on a Canadian blog where we’ve been talking about possible corruption in Olympic sports events. Corruption? Wow! Who would have guessed?
I maintain that the Olympic Spirit is over, gone, crushed by corporate brand power, money, greed and excessive glory seeking.
Criminal penalties for brand infringements??? Total bans on anything that the IOC doesn’t like??  Masses of empty IOC officials’ seats at events?  Incredibly lavish expenditure on luxury hotels, meals and chauffered transport for IOC officials?
The Olympic spirit is gone, finished. In fact, there is a campaign here in Oz at this moment pointing out that the Australian Institute of Sport’s favoured athletes have had $500,000,000 showered on them in recent years, yet they do not have to repay a cent, even if they reap $multi-million sponsorship deals.
Yet any uni student, teacher or nurse has to repay the govt HECS student loans they get. No excuses. But the millions paid to these elite athletes is free and gratis, despite the favouritism shown to only certain “winner” sports. Rowers or basketballers don’t get paid.
Our athletes break down in sobbing tears if they only win silver. Silver or bronze is seen as not good enough. Other athletes bag the selectors and team mates if they are not given enough prominence.
The Olympic spirit is dead and gone, rolled over by corporate money, IOC corruption and naked greed as usual. I highly recommend http://www.abc.net.au/tv/guide…  This is genuinely funny and genuinely genuine.

This brought a response from another commenter. I suspect he’s a Pom:

“And our athletes break down in sobbing tears if they only win silver. Silver or bronze is seen as not good enough”
So they should, you either win or you loose. There’s not much glory in coming second in a war, why should it be any different with sports?
Get them to pull there finger out, if a tiny little Island like the UK can get 22+ golds Australia should be on at least 10 by now. As for Canada they should be on 15+ golds but have settled for 1.
I have replied:
Well, mate, I thought the main thing was just to do your best and compete for your country.
Your reply only reinforces my point – that the Olympic Spirit is dead. If winning is everything, as you say, then I’m not interested any more. I cheer for our athletes, win or lose. I didn’t realise that coming second or third was a crime. I note your use of winners and losers. To me they are winners and competitors.
Sports are equivalent to fighting a war??? We must fight as in war?? Glory in winning a war?? What kind of world do you inhabit?
You sound young, as if you’ve grown up in this world of computer games, “first-person-shooters”, role playing, where killing and eliminating opponents has become the norm. I reject that world.
And yes, Australia is down. So what? The point is to try harder, to do your best, not crow and brag.

The brain dead nasty Pom who wrote the above also added:

Paul Till [That seems to be his name – PJC]
Can’t you just stop taking your pills and die already? The world would be a much better place without you.
I’m sure your wife you found on-line would rather have just your money.
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Do I need to say more?