The Dentist Says …

Hi Yudhie
I forgot to mention – in my dental examination on Monday, they measure the pH of your saliva. Mine measured at 6.2, so it is perfectly true, I have an acid tongue!
It is true, I am one who no longer suffers fools quietly. I’m quite happy to tolerate people who can’t do any better, but when someone, a frequent visitor over many years with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, continues, despite my repeated requests, to refer to refugees as “illegals”, I get angry. He is in my house when he says it! Yet he will not stop.
So, out!
His comment when all the refugees drowned off the sinking boat a few weeks ago?
“Why do they [the RAN/RAAF/Coastwatch/Dept of Immigration] have to bring them to Perth? Why can’t they take them [the survivors] back to Indonesia?”
I nearly blew my stack with him then, but I wasn’t sure of the answer.
The answer is, (a) because Indonesia won’t take them; (b) because we can’t just fly into Indonesian territory, land and dump refugees; (c) we have the best facilities to treat injured survivors; and (d) because we are Australians! It’s what we do. We are humanitarians.
Not this bastard. He’d be happier if they drowned. I’m referring to Mr Negative from yesterday, a long, long-time “friend”. Why did I put up with him for so long???

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