Getting away with it

Buddha protect us.  © PJ Croft 1992, 2012
I’m sitting here stunned. I’ve just read of the acquittal of a London Metropolitan Police officer who hit the legs of a 45yo newspaper seller during riots in 2009. The man fell down, was injured and died.
Long story but it turns out the copper had a history of brutality with 18 previous investigations for belting suspects. He’d been asked to leave the force, then years later re-employed. This time, he killed an innocent man, but the jury wasn’t allowed to hear of his previous and found him not guilty. That’s the end of it – no further appeals possible.
BUT! The Guardian points out that since 1990 in Britain, there have been 1,500 deaths either in custody or soon after, and not one police officer has ever been convicted!
My jaw dropped. So much for the friendly bobby.
WA is the same – you can literally get away with murder in this state, no problem. Juries won’t convict, or the police will corrupt the evidence or protect their own or something.
But if you’re innocent, you stand a very good chance of going to jail for a crime you didn’t commit, that’s the worst thing.
FIVE times, we’ve seen this happen: you know the names – Button, Beamish, …. 
WA is a dangerous place to live if you fall foul of the law in any way. What a shocking world we live in.

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