Circles of Fear

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids around Earth. Incoming!
Not a day goes by without some new jaw dropper. I’m listening at the moment to the rules of marketing for the London Olympic Games.
It has made me realise, as if I needed to be told, that the Olympics are no longer about sport, they are about marketing and making money. The money men have taken over the Olympics completely, lock stock and barrel, to the point of there being criminal penalties, CRIMINAL penalties, for breaking any of the advertising rules imposed by LOCOG, the London organising committee, and the IOC.
Even writing this, I could well be breaking the law, from what I’ve just  heard. My words on this blog can be seen in London, for sure. The rules prohibit any words being used which in any way conflict with or infringe on sponsors words for the Olympics.
For example:
  • any word associated with the Olympics, including gold, silver, bronze and games is prohibited, even being used on restaurant chalk boards for example, such as Gold lunch special, or Games Lunch.
  • any colours similar to the ring colours are prohibited, if they clash with a sponsor
  • the ABC here is going to run a Gruen games special series, but they are not allowed to call it Games and they are not allowed to show any vision of any games events whatever, even from past events such as Sydney 2000.
  • sponsors have absolute rights over any visual elements. If any other logo or colour combination is used anywhere, it will not get onto any television broadcast or display. I would hate to be a TV director or switcher there – you would be in intense stress trying to avoid any possible visual element.

There’s no point going on. The games are no longer about sport, they are about money.

Just like so much else. It’s all seen as money. Even family relationships are seen through the prism of money. It’s very sad. These people are sick. It’s a disease, an illness. Money dominates everything. But they cannot see it.

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