Camera Bag

Mike posted about not having a camera handy today. I posted this in reply in the comments section:

Contents of my small hessian shopping bag, which goes everywhere with me these days:
* wallet, large, zip-up, multiple cards for the holding of
* glasses, distance type, other
* mobile phone, Nokia, heavy, drag pocket down type
* Panasonic LX5, camera, high quality type
* tape measure, 5m, furniture and wood measuring for
* tissues, various, emergencies for
* GPS, Garmin 1490t, finding way home type
* iPod Touch, video files for showing of
* liquor shop bags, beer transport of
* strong analgesics, emergency for
* letters, notes, notebook, pencil, biros

How did I ever do without these things when I was younger? I don’t have enough pockets for all this.

If you don’t carry a camera, you won’t get the shots. Fortune favours the prepared.

The Carpet Bombing Aftermath – Monday

Finished, but he left some debris for me to clean up.
It’s middday and the Carpet Call storm trooper has just finished up and left. Thank Dog!
I had a dentist appointment at 10am this morning, which if the job had been finished on Friday would not have been a problem. As it turned out, I had to leave that guy alone in my house until I got back at 11:30am. Him alone with Minnie. I was nervous.
When I got home, I heard a coupe of dog barks and found Minnie trapped in a small area between my carport wall and the house. She had wandered in there, as she does, and couldn’t find her way back out again. Why? Because the passageway was blocked by a pile of carpet scraps too big for me to lift out of the way.
Cleared now, but Minnie was trapped behind that box and a pile of carpet debris.
I had to leave her while I went inside and sussed the situation.
When I saw the carpet bomber was preparing to leave and was outside near his car, I said, “My dog is trapped here (she had settled down on the brick paving to wait) – can you shift this stuff so I can get her out?”
“Yeah, mate, I’ll get to it in a minute, I’m just finishing up.”
I said, “No, can you move it right now please, I need to get my dog out.”
“Yeah, alright mate”, he says, in a tone as if I’m causing him aggro again!
Then finally, as he’s leaving, I point out the three large rolls of carpet in my laundry.
He left these for me. What a guy!
“What about these?” I say. Meaning, aren’t you going to take these? “No, those are leftovers for you” he says. He’s not taking them away. These are the rolls he left on Friday blocking my toilet door.
I’ve just been around taking photos. He’s left more pieces of nail strip in the passageways, just ready for me to tread on! 
New pieces of nail strip left for me to tread on.
There’s debris on the carpet, and there’s a small bulge in the carpet in one room.
That bump will be my fault, of course.
So now, luckily the sun is still shining, but I have to spend the rest of the day moving my furniture back in before it rains tomorrow.
What a BASTARD. What a rotten customer service. CARPET CALL, Balcatta. Stay away from them!
And the dentist? No decay, but my teeth are very worn down due to Bruxism, teeth grinding. I wonder why I do that???!!!!