Camera Bag

Mike posted about not having a camera handy today. I posted this in reply in the comments section:

Contents of my small hessian shopping bag, which goes everywhere with me these days:
* wallet, large, zip-up, multiple cards for the holding of
* glasses, distance type, other
* mobile phone, Nokia, heavy, drag pocket down type
* Panasonic LX5, camera, high quality type
* tape measure, 5m, furniture and wood measuring for
* tissues, various, emergencies for
* GPS, Garmin 1490t, finding way home type
* iPod Touch, video files for showing of
* liquor shop bags, beer transport of
* strong analgesics, emergency for
* letters, notes, notebook, pencil, biros

How did I ever do without these things when I was younger? I don’t have enough pockets for all this.

If you don’t carry a camera, you won’t get the shots. Fortune favours the prepared.

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