Warm, isn’t it?

Olympus E-PL2 with Olympus 14-150mm lens
Hey, look at that. This is an Olympus E-PL2 4/3 camera and lens. It’s obsolete but still good, and I found it at a good price, so I jumped. I had it within 72 hours of ordering from Adelaide.
Olympus E-PL2 with Zeiss Contax 35mm f2 Planar lens!
But this is special. Last year I bought an adapter on eBay from HK to allow my old Contax G lenses from film days to fit a 4/3 body.
These lenses are legendary for their quality. I’ve had them for 10 years since film days. Now, at last, I can use them again. Manual focus and aperture only, but, … good stuff. More pics to come.

I must be going senile!
I’ve been trying to arrange a breakfast or lunch with some friends and was saying tomorrow, Friday 6 August is an exciting day because at 13:31 the Mars Curiosity Lander spacecraft is due to enter the atmosphere of Mars. I was suggesting we watch it live stream over lunch.
Well, duh! Tomorrow is the 6th of July, not August. I was a month ahead of myself.
It’s lucky everyone was too busy and turned me down.
I had a doctor’s appointment at Merriwa late today and it was quite a pleasant drive. Each way, 26Km! But it’s an 80Km/h road and not bad, so it was quite pleasant.
Except for the other drivers. It was like an Indie 500 circuit, a Formula 1 race track. All the tradies in their utes, vans and tray-tops, speeding, weaving lane to lane, pushing, overtaking in the emergency lane and the cycle lane, running orange and red lights, tailgating. It is atrocious. And there’s a sign, Report Hoons 131 444 but I can’t use the phone while driving!
Then there are the cars with either none or one out of three brake lights, cars driving after sunset with no lights, cars with trailers with no trailer lights. Speeding, weaving. No-one cares!
Deep breaths, deep breaths.
I am having to reassess who my friends are. I suppose that explains why the sudden increase in posts here and emails.

Not happy. I have been rocked back in my chair in recent weeks by some of my “friends”. Make no bones about it, I am a person who believes in compassion and the need to help refugees. I’m not advocating open borders, but when someone is so desperate as to pay the criminals to take those dangerous boats to CI, I do not advocate, “Let ’em drown”.

But former friends are gloating! The hostility to boat people, “illegals’, is amazing.  “They shouldn’t have come.”; “Where do they get the money?”; “Why don’t they join the queue?”; “Who knows what diseases they are carrying?”; “Why do they have to bring ’em to Perth?”; “Blood sucking Aussie lawyers are defending them [from taxpayer money].”

I am sickened. I can’t take any more, so I have disengaged.

Bit heavy? I don’t apologise, I just feel things, and feel the need to do right.
Today I visited The Atlantic on-line magazine, as I often do, and saw this:
I started to write a response on their Comments forum, but gave up and didn’t post it. They are too stupid and too right wing to get it. However, I won’t waste my efforts:
I am an Australian, in Australia.
America, you have gone insane! Your answer to everything is violence. You want to kill anyone who crosses you. Australian citizen Julian Assange is right to fear extradition or “rendering” to America – you want to kill an Australian citizen who has committed no crime! All he has done is exercise your Constitutional First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech. Hypocrites!
You drop Hellfire missiles on innocent civilians. You glorify guns, the Famous Right to Bear Arms. You preach violence. You preach piousness, but you practise violence and vengeance and military might. You glorify war. You kill each other, you kill your own weakest and mentally ill. You cheat, lie, defraud, suppress minorities, while at the same time telling the world how God fearing and Righteous you are, always invoking God.
You are a psychologically sick nation and you need to realise that. I pity you.
You are the world’s worst hypocrites. You tell the rest of the world, “If only you were like us, you would be happy”, while generating and exporting most of the Earth’s pornography, violence, murders, drugs, religious crackpots, dishonest bankers, financial fraudsters, …. need I go on? You are sick, mentally ill as a nation.
The news I’m just hearing about Lance Armstrong is the latest evidence of your illness. Again, an American has been shown to be a cheat. He preached one thing but practised another.  Florence Johnson, Flo Jo was the same! She pleaded with us, through her tears to believe her as drug free, but she was lying all along, even through her pleading, and she knew it. This is the great American way.
What’s even worse, you’re infecting us with your sick, violent movies and TV shows and violent, bloodthirsty computer games .
In fact, America is now so FAT, UNHEALTHY and UNFIT that any invader, and I mean China, would roll over you and crush you. Good luck, fools.

What’s worse is that you have your fingers on most of the world’s nuclear triggers, and you think you are in the right, above all others.

I don’t see a solution to this except a holocaust, a cleansing fire, and I know that’s horrible thing to say. You are so sick that only some major action will stand a chance of fixing you.

I fear America more than any other nation on Earth.