You don’t see this every day …

Minnie is fine. Here she’s lying on the side with the tumour. Five seconds before I took the shot, she was actually asleep on it, then she lifted her head. She doesn’t seem to feel any pain
Here’s something you don’t see every day. This is an actual mortgage:
That’s not a mortgage, son THIS is a mortgage.
The bank phoned me today to say I can come in and collect the documents. Why? Because my former  equity loan account is now defunct, so the mortgage is discharged and “here are your documents”.
Here’s the discharge:
And here’s the actual Title Deed:
I’ve seen photocopies of this before, including when I bought the house, but this is the actual document and it’s at my right hand right now. Faskinatin’.
I was talking to the branch manager and he said, “Yes, you don’t see these documents very often because, from a few years ago, it’s all electronic now. There are no paper documents.” Wow, those servers better stay up!
Finally, I said I’m a bit nervous about having these documents in my house.
No worries, they will provide a secure envelope in the vault for $25 per year. No problem.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that I guess I finally cut the ties with a long time “friend” today.
It was such a trivial thing, but he ran away, bolted out the door, rather than view a slide show I’ve made. Why? Because he’s afraid it shows how simple and silly/boring his own slide shows are. He hasn’t seen one iota of my show, he doesn’t even know what it looks like, he just knows he doesn’t want to see it. So he ran away for the second time in five weeks.
I laughed at him.

Why is it better than his shows? He could be doing the same level of show, but he won’t pay for the Pro version of the software. I think it’s because he fears he won’t be able to master it. How bizarre. We’re only talking the difference between $89 and $129! It’s just fear. He has told me he bolts from dentist’s chairs, for example.

This might seem an overreaction on my part, but I assure you this is just another in a long, long line of double dealing, scavenging, stealing from me, scrounging, asking me to feed him and provide him with beer etc, borrowing things and never returning them, etc etc. 
I’m afraid it’s time. Time to slough off the bad friends. He won’t come back except if he wants something from me!

Oh, I forgot to mention — he’s also known as “Mr Negative” by my real estate friend – no matter what I say I’m doing, he says negative things about it. “Home Open on Wednesday”? Nah, waste of time, you won’t get anyone through. “So what am I supposed to do? Refuse the agent’s request to open on Wednesday?!” Shrug of shoulders and weak smile.

Year after year, it’s been the same. No matter what I do or say, it’s the wrong thing. NO MORE!