Big day!

Sigma APO zoom at 600mm hand held!
NB: those dotted power lines are not in the original photo. They are artifacts of the size reduction.
Fremantle  Pentax 70mm
Freo Fire Station  Sigma 10-20mm @ 20mm
[I have film images of the same locations from 30 years ago. Asap, I’ll post comparisons.]

As you can see, I’ve been to Freo. It happened because, due to the non-delivery of a package by DHL yesterday, I had to go out to DHL’s office at Perth International Airport this morning. Grrrrr!

What a saga. It started out as a very pleasant drive. Warm sunny morning, smooth clear road (Reid Highway/Tonkin Highway) and a happy goal to pick up my new Sigma 120-400mm APO zoom lens.
I got lost! Even with a GPS navigator, I couldn’t find DHL at the International Airport area. I followed a new sign To International Terminal and found myself winding through bushland, overshooting the turnoff.
I tried to go back and start again, but turned left, SE, onto Tonkin Highway and couldn’t get off!
I had to drive about 5Km SE trying to find a way to turn around, seeing all the tyre tracks where others had the same problem, and eventually did a U-turn across the dirt to go back. I was fed up!
Long story, I eventually got back on Horrie Miller Drive, looking for Grogan Rd leading to Dawson Rd, and a DHL sign. NO! Could not see a way in to DHL’s office. Could not find Dawson Rd, despite a GPS navigator. Pulled in to DHL’s car park to find a sign saying This is not DHL Express! Go this way. I even considered driving over the moat dividing DHL’s buildings from H. Miller Drive.
But I still couldn’t find the open DHL office. I had to stop and ask a guy. “Oh, yes, we always have to direct people. Go up there near that tiny street sign and turn left.” Ha ha, big joke.
After finding the office I got my package and relaxed. But I was busting for a piss, so I pissed on their garden, behind a shrub. Serve ’em right.
I’m 35Km from home on a warm sunny morning with a new lens – BUT the lens is COLD, aircraft hold cold. If I try to use it, I’ll get condensation. So I plot a route home via Fremantle. I want to check and test the lens, as Sigma’s QC reputation is not good, especially for this lens. A US firm, Lens Rentals, won’t stock this lens as it tests so variably. If they rent it out, they get customer comebacks. Phew, I took the risk.
I needn’t have worried. About an hour later I’m at Freo and you can see the shots above. More:
Fremantle Bridge  Sigma 120-400mm @ 600mm (eq.) hand held
NB: dashed power lines not in original photo
Looking for de-centering, different res between L&R sides. None evident, good.
So it was a good morning. By lunchtime I was a bit fatigued so completed the circuit along W. Coast Hwy – about 70Km round trip. Smooth roads, good smooth car, warm sunny day. Nice.
Oh, btw, I took the new Olympus E-PL2 as well and tried to use it once: NO CARD. Errrr. The equivalent of forgetting to load film in the camera. What a droob.
When I got home to Minnie, I defrosted two slices of a sourdough loaf with seeds, spread them with Tzatziki dip, then  added some Tassie smoked salmon I’ve had in the fridge since April last year. Yes, Use By Date May 2011. It’s been held at near ice temperature in a sealed package all this time and I’m here now to tell you it’s fine. Delicious!
For dinner, last night and tonight I’ve made delicious curries, using two huge slabs of steak I got from IGA marked Dog Food Only at $2.99 each. They were a bit discoloured and slightly on the nose, but I stuck ’em on ice and used them for curries, ie slow cooked and cooked thoroughly.
Delicious! Melt in the mouth. From each piece I got four meals (ie I eat one serve and freeze the rest.) Good value. I’ve done this often before. We worry too much. Asian people eat off meat all the time. That’s what curries, spices and chilis are for.

I watch ABC TV almost exclusively and Friday night’s Silent Witness is a long time favourite. But what are they doing?!

If horror is the food of ratings, rave on. They give us excess of it, that, surfeiting, we

might watch next week.

No, no, no. It used to be one of the most intelligent, subtle, medically based shows and I loved it. Now it’s a horror show. I just can’t believe the characters act that way any more.

Last night’s episode included a prison guard beating another, so horrifying that I turned away. The previous weeks’ episodes included the den of a depraved serial killer in graphic detail.

No, no, no. BBC, you have turned me away.