Olympus E-PL2  with 14-150mm lens   12 July 2012
Unidentified Flare Objects.
This is BAD! This is one of the photos from yesterday’s sunset. Those red blobs should not be there.
This is a brand new camera, and the lens surfaces are brand new clean. I believe this is light reflecting off the CCD sensor in the camera, bouncing around in the “box” and being recorded as image when they are not from the outside sky. I can’t understand why I seem to be the only one who has ever commented on this. I bought the camera on the enthusiastic recommendation of several web reviews. It’s about two years out of production but still being sold as new.
This, in my opinion, is grounds under consumer law to return the camera as faulty. I mention this because I’ve been commenting on it on a US photography blog.
However, I’m not going to make a fuss. I will just regard the camera as “unsuitable for sunsets”, although I intend to try my main camera, the Pentax K-5, in the same situation and compare.