US Decline

THIS is technology. THIS is hard. THIS is electronics at its finest.

I’ve posted this comment on in response to an item about the decline in the US space program, US science and technology leadership and declining funding for space.

Peter Croft an hour ago

Agree with SJStar.

America, sigh, the Batman massacre is yet another example of how sick you are. I am very sorry for the victims and families, but when, oh when are you going to realise the link between movie and TV and video game violence and real life, and make it impossible for nut cases to arm themselves LEGALLY? What does it take?

I can’t watch US movies any more. Everything is violence. Everything is taking horror to the next level. Yet you keep making them and exporting them to the rest of us, just like your toxic food and bank greed and tobacco and porn and war and smart bombs and drones and killing of innocent civilians. All because America thinks we should be more like you.

What I object to so much is that you are spreading your toxic culture to the rest of us! We can’t get away from it. We are being infected by US TV, US food, US violence, US porn, US wars, US drug poisons, US “social media sickness”, US psycho wierdness.

I am a huge admirer of US science, technology, medicine and manufacturing, but you are a sick country. I see no solution. You are going to be the cause of your own demise. Sorry, but I don’t want to be pulled down with you.

POSTSCRIPT:  I got an America commenter on the above blog today saying, “What about Anders Behring Breivig?” ie don’t pick on us.

I said, so what? Just because a Norwegian goes mad doesn’t make America less mad. It’s not as if there’s a limited supply to go around!