I mentioned Kingfishers yesterday. Now here’s a Kingfisher, from Malaysia! Isn’t that beautiful? See the resemblance to the Kookaburra? Same family, different environment evolves different feather colours.
I mentioned last week that I had donated to BlogBooker so that my images would download into the BlogBook. I paid 10 Euros, about A$13. I mentioned the little conversation we had about not wanting to list my blog because I’m having a sad session about Minnie slowly dying – maybe later. He replied, sympathising.
On Saturday I did the latest BlogBook – no images again, even though I donated!
It’s a long story but Saturday, and Sunday morning, were occupied by back and forth emails to Germany (I think that’s where he is) trying to get it to work.
Finally, about midday Sunday he says try it again. This time, I see a new process description while it works and the resulting pdf file is 3.8MB instead of 2.6MB.
This time my images are in the book. For Dog’s sake, images of 80KB to 150KB are not big.
My conclusion is that it never worked, and that I was the first to donate and the first to discover the problem and/or complain about it.
This is pretty crook. I’m happy that he fixed it, but I’m not impressed that the fault  existed for so long. I first tried it more than a year ago.

You think this is an isolated case? Nope.
I paid for a UK password program called PortableSafe over two years ago. It’s a password storage program, encrypting all your passwords into an unbreakable file. I’ll email it to you if you like, the actual password file!  I actually email it to myself on a regular basis, so that I’ve got copies on the Gmail server.
However, although it works well, it’s got annoying bugs. I asked them about it more than a year ago but no response.
A week ago I used their web site to again notify of the bugs and ask when I might see a new version?
Reply: sorry, we’re a small company and we’ve had problems, there won’t be any updates. That’s it, no support.
I am annoyed! A password storage program is a database and I have more than 100 records in it. To transfer them now to some other program is going to be a major job. NOT impressed. As I said to the guy (Richard Devlin is his name), if you market a program like this, you have a responsiblity to maintain it. I paid about $30. It’s not trivial.

I must add, people doubt me when I say Google Blogger has bugs.
I have been keeping a log of the bugs I’m finding. I’m up to nine in two days. Fully documented. Do not doubt it, there are bugs in Google Blogger. In fact, my feeling is that these guys are amateurs!
AGAIN! AGAIN!! I’m listening to PM and yet another case of priests abusing children has been revealed! And AGAIN, the Catholic Church in Australia refused to deal with it in 1983 and simply moved the abuser, a priest, around to other parishes.

This religion stuff is evil! Cardinal Pell, you are culpable. You allowed this to go on. You refused to act while you were in charge in Victoria in the 1980s and 1990s. Evil, evil man. Is there no end to this?