English pig dogs

Just now I have posted the following on The Guardian’s comments about another double-dip recession in Britain:
English, I fart in your general direction. You do comedy superbly well. No wonder. You are such funny people.

As an Australian, I feel entitled to gloat. Yesterday, the RBA announced that Australia has chalked up 21 years without a recession, the only country in the world to ever achieve this

The RBA Governor: there is no mystery to this, we can expect growth to continue for the foreseeable future and it does not depend entirely on China. There is no need to fear a housing bubble or any bank failures.

We have sailed through FOUR successive financial crises from 1996 to now. It is not luck. I feel safe.

Today, Wednesday, we announced annual inflation of 1.4%, another new record. Growth is around 6% in Western Australia and we have a jobs crisis – we cannot get enough engineers and workers. Average wages in WA are about GPB 55,000.

Sydney ran the “best Games ever”. We can do it again, any time we are asked.

You bastards have looked down your public school noses at us for 200 years. Condescending, supercilious, snooty, snobbish, bastards. Very funny.

This is classic old and new. The UK is old and decrepit. Your living standards are falling, you are decaying, crumbling. You are not far from being a poor country. You can no longer sustain your military muscle. Your banks and financial institutions are riddled with failure and corruption, DUE TO ARROGANCE and greed. Looting, remember?

If I didn’t love Britain so much I would crap on you even more. I am 7th generation Oz, but I go back to 13thC Britain, yet you make me line up with “other passports”, with the Poles and Turks (sorry guys).

You even fu..ed up the Thames Jubilee Procession!

Your queen (she gets no capitalisation from me) has awarded our former PM John Howard the OM. This is an appalling error of judgement. Howard = Blair. He is hated here, for good reason, yet Liz awards him the OM. (I think Tony Blair is a good guy.)

I am angry. Serve you right, Poms. You are old and in decline. I exclude Scots from my diatribe.

I expect to get flak. Too bad.

How does this happen?

What is it?
I have been noticing coincidences, the increasing incidence thereof, for years, but sometimes I just fall back open mouthed.
Two days ago I was emailing with someone and thinking of saying “we are on the same plane”. That led to the thought of plane, plain and possibly plein. It’s pronounced the same as the others, but it’s French for full, replete, e.g. je suis plein, I am full, had enough. Not a common word. Never see it in print.
Tonight on Ch 44 West TV there is a program called “Plein Air Painting TV”.
How does this happen?! I swear I have never seen this word in print on a TV screen before, ever. Yet it occurs twice in three days. I am psychic. I’m convinced of it.
Yet week after week I buy Lotto tickets and I haven’t won the big prize. How can this be?
Nearly forgot – last week I had a haircut at a barber in Duncraig. When I looked at the till docket several hours later (to enter it into my Expenditure notebook), I noticed the name of his business is Joe and Co. What brand T-shirt was I wearing? Joe and Co from BigW.

I’ll have to go back and ask him, where did you get your name?



Today I heard reference to the deadly nature of the current flu season and the need to have Tamiflu available. I asked at the chemist if they had supplies, but not yet, next week. If the packet I have in the fridge has passed its expiry date, she said, it’s probably useless.
Mine is expiry 12/2009. Huh! I took it to Europe in 2008, too, so it hasn’t been kept cold all the time.
I’m feeling better, noticeably better. My legs are improving. I don’t feel the need to use my stick as much. I can walk more easily. I feel brighter and the doctor said he could see it yesterday, without me saying anything.
I know why. I know exactly why, and I can’t tell you. If only, if only I’d known this 10 years ago!
There is a fashion for time-lapse video on the net at the moment, particularly for astronomy and night star scenes. To be honest, I’d become a bit blasé about them.
But! But! This is the best thing I have ever seen:
I can’t say any more than See It!