Pushing them away

An Australian offshore island    © PJ Croft 2012
Yesterday I sent an email to a Liberal member of our Federal Parliament who seemed to be showing some empathy with the plight of boat people, refugees who try to reach Australia from Indonesian ports and often die in the process.
I’m angry about people who call these refugees “illegals”. It is NOT illegal to seek refugee status and constant repetition of the word does not make it so. One of my long term “friends” says it repeatedly and he’d better be aware that he risks getting the hot coffee he cadges off me thrown in his face next time.
The federal opposition under the Dear Leader Tony Abbott has stated that they will FORCE boat people back to Indonesian ports, using our Navy personnel to do it.
I sent the following to this Liberal Party MHR:

I was encouraged by your show of emotion about asylum seekers (and xxx my [local] member; Oh, wondrous heaven, will miracles never cease?)

But you are blindly showing allegiance to your leader who is preaching words to the Armed Forces akin to sedition! [No, wrong word, it’s not sedition. Incitement to mutiny?] He is saying he (you) will command the Navy to force the refugee boats back inside Indonesian territorial waters, inside the 12 mile limit. Command.

Oh yes?

Indonesia has already made plain that they can not and will not take action to stop the boats leaving, nor will they take them back to Indonesian ports. (I don’t like it but I can understand it.)

Therefore the Australian Navy has the task of physically pushing or towing the boats back into Indonesian waters or to Indonesian ports (or Malaysian ports, for that matter).

Our Navy commanders have an obligation under the Law of the Sea to render assistance to boats in distress. They have already said they may have to disobey orders if these requirements conflict.

If they continue to push boats back to Indonesia, and Indonesia objects and tries to force the boats back to sea, what happens then? Naval confrontations between our nations on the sea border?

Your leader says “The Navy must obey me.” Admiral Chris Barry says doing this may involve the Navy in conflict and endanger life, something the Navy does not want to do.

How do you propose to reconcile this? Order the captains to obey their orders no matter what? I predict they won’t.

How does this fit with your expressions of compassion? To me, it cannot.

Peter Croft 

Next step

I looked at my watch and it was quarter to twelve
She said “Come now” so I made my job shelve
And I went, reelin’ and a’rockin’
Rollin’ to the CBA.
I looked at my watch and it was quarter to one
The time for my appointment had just about come
So I went, reelin’ and rockin’
Rollin’ to the CBA.
I looked at my watch and it was right on time
To see the loans man and an interview, fine,
So I went, reelin’ and a’rockin’
Rollin’ to the CBA
I looked at my watch and we’d done the job
He done the paperwork and my uncle’s Bob
So it’s done, reelin’ and a’rockin’
Mortgage from the CBA!
Thanks Chuck Berry.
I’ve just come home from seeing the loans officer at the bank, and it’s all happening. Seniors’ Equity Unlock, they call it, and the papers are in for approval. I should have the contract to study (not sign, not yet) later this week. A valuer will be here Wednesday, I hope, to value the house for the bank. He’s not a bank employee – it’s an independent valuation, even if commissioned by the bank.
Assuming there are no hitches, it should all be done by the end of next week.
I think the bank loans officer was suitably impressed by my grasp of figures. Every time he asked about credit cards, account details, driver’s licence (for ID), shares, etc etc, I just reeled off the figures and numbers from memory. Talk about reelin’ and rockin’ – I have all these things in my head, no problem.
I have been toying with the idea of a tablet/phone, the Samsung Note in particular. I’m not prepared to buy Apple, so those are out, and I think a 10″ tablet would sit at home unused.
I’m also finding the mechanical QWERTY keys on my Nokia phone too small, even though useful for texting.
The happy medium seems to be the Note, a phone with a 5.3″ OLED touch display that works just like a tablet. I think it may be usable as a newspaper reader for the new world of on-line news.  It’s $599, less on a plan. Maybe, given I’m paying about $30 a month for my pay as you go SIM card and $49 a month for my Vivid modem data allowance, I could combine the two for less?
However, now that South Korea has said it’s going to hunt whales, I feel like boycotting Korean products. That means Samsung. Hmmm.


PS: Brrrrrrrr! I’m cold. I gather it’s not just me – why are we feeling so cold, given that temps don’t seem unusually low?

I got my electricity account today –  how many people can say their electricity cost went down last quarter? A $4 drop to $166 for the quarter! Since electricity prices are increasing, I must be doing something right, ie switching all unnecessary lights off and doing quick, efficient cooking and washing.


The Federal opposition are so sick I can’t believe it. They’ve been trying to blame every price rise on the “Carbon Tax” since the beginning of the month, but when they’ve found there haven’t been any rises, they are saying businesses are too frightened to raise prices by threats from the ACCC!!

This is sophistry of the highest order. These sleazebags are trying to talk the economy down so as to blame the government, using any negative story they can make up.

In the past week or two, I’ve been leaving comments on the web pages of the good guys – Dr Craig Emerson, Tony Windsor, one or two others. I’ve also made some critical comments on two Liberal MPs sites.

It’s very noticeable that the good guys have personally emailed me back thanking me for the comments etc. But from the Libs, nothing, except an automatic reply inviting me to join the Liberal Party’s Newsletter!   Piss off!!!