You scratch my back …

Olympus E-PL2 with Zuiko 14-150mm @ 90mm
I visited the doctor yesterday and among other things, asked him to check my back for any mole or other nasty things. I’ve had an itch just over my right shoulder for a long time, right where I can’t reach it, and we have a cousin who’s had a near miss from a melanoma recently.
He took one look and said, “Rarely have I seen a back with fewer spots or moles. Clean, clear.” That’s a relief. The itch is just that, an itch, no more. My skin is pure, soft, sexy …
Not so my legs. Ooowwww! Dry, raw, swollen, itching. Answer: use moisturising cream, up to four times a day if you have to. Same for my hands. They are raw and splitting.
Why now? I’ve never had this before. “Have you changed your soap recently?” Yes, actually, lots of changes, trying to find one that doesn’t rip the oils out but comes off easily too, at a reasonable price. Lots of changes. Maybe I should just go back to Radox Men that I used for years? And get much more serious about rubbing creams into my legs and hands.
I’ve also been seduced by Dawn Fraser advertising The Circulation Booster for swollen legs and sore tendons (me!) It’s a TENS type foot massager/vibrator designed for my type of problems. $279. I asked HBF, but no, no rebate. No discount at the chemist either. RAC card, maybe? No, sorry. However, I beat ’em down by $20 by saying “web”.
While at Medicare in the long, slow queue, I met with my old Ch7 mate Less. His name is Les, but I call him that from the early 1980s TV show WKRP Radio, Cincinnati. One of the characters was Les Nessman, pronounced Less on the show, so it stuck. Great show that, a spin off from Welcome Back Kotter, I think, but never repeated even now, to my knowledge.  Anyway, I don’t see much of Less any more. Boom boom.
Sigma 120-400mm APO zoom

I’m fuming at DHL. I got an email this morning that a lens I’ve ordered from HK is on its way by DHL, but no delivery date. I assumed next week.

When I went out the door at 1pm, I found an Unable to Deliver note stuck in the screen door. It said they’d tried to deliver at 1207pm.
I was here. My car was in the carport. I heard no knock. I heard nothing except a reversing beeper at some time. They hadn’t tried to raise me.
I phoned the DHL 1 800 number and after an age on hold was told they can’t come back today, but my lens will be at the Perth airport depot between 5.30 and 6pm when they close. I can pick it up then. Gee thanks, peak hour traffic to and from the airport with a half hour window on a Friday afternoon!
I said I’d try, but at 3pm it was building a thunderstorm and I thought, no, can’t do it, so I phoned again to ask for delivery Monday. “Oh, we’re open tomorrow (Saturday) morning between 0830-1200.” Well why didn’t they say so before??
NOT impressed. They didn’t try to deliver it when I was home and they won’t ask the driver to call back on a second try. It’s not my fault they didn’t deliver it!
This Liberal Party attempt to smear Speaker Peter Slipper is the Godwin Grech case all over again! In 2009 the Libs under Malcolm Turnbull tried to make a smear campaign against Kevin Rudd/Labor. see
It turned out to be a crock! The supposed email was forged and Malcolm Turnbull and the Libs were left exposed as liars and fools. I’ve never forgotten seeing Mr Turnbull and his wife Lucy live on television as they received the revelation that the Grech email was a forgery.
The embarrassed/bemused expressions on their faces came near the sneer, the loathing on the face of Sophie Mirrabella last Monday night when Simon Sheikh  collapsed from exhaustion next to her on ABC-TV’s Q&A. She was exposed as uncaring and automatically assuming someone she doesn’t like was pulling a trick. She sat there doing nothing while Greg Combet jumped up and came to his aid, as he does for everyone. Fine Liberal party material, Sophie. Tough on refugees, tough on anyone with a foreign sounding name.
This smear campaign against Mr Slipper is heading in the same direction. Each day brings new evidence and allegations that the “smearer” is a Liberal Party stooge and it’s all designed to get Slipper out of Parliament so that Labor loses the balance of power.
They, the Liberals, are going to be exposed again as desperate, dishonest tricksters, relying on a false witness. Watch this space. There is more sleaze to come.
Meanwhile, the Brumbys Bakery chain has been exposed as hosting Liberal Party advertising in their shops while telling their franchisees to raise prices and “blame it on the carbon tax”.
People know I’m a Labor voter and I’m proud to say it. We don’t stoop to this kind of bullshit and dishonesty!
Nor do we advocate pushing desperate boat people back to Indonesia and gloating if they drown. Indonesia doesn’t care if they drown, they won’t take them back nor will they tackle the corruption that causes the boats. The Liberal/National Coalition of Australia is so desperate for power that they are prepared to see mass drownings if it advances their cause as being tough on boat people. I am sickened.