Well, how ’bout that?

I’m a bower bird
I know I shouldn’t be collecting furniture or clutter things at the moment but coming back from the shops late yesterday, I noticed that some houses are putting their junk out on the verge, even though no collection has been announced yet.

I slowed at one pile for a look and realised it looked interesting. I got out and had a good look and as a result:

  • a large, 50cm diam. x 100cm high, brown wicker laundry bin with lid, in good clean condition
  • an Ikea real leather/wood sloping foot stool
  • two long handled steel telescoping window squeegee cleaners
  • an Ikea wheeled folding bed, a bit light weight but good enough for emergencies
  • two bronze lamp stands in a design I like, one with shade, one without
  • a large stainless steel foot pedal waste bin with liftout plastic inner
All these items are in fine condition. I saw the guy across the street and called out to ask him about an item, and said, “You must be having to move house in a hurry, are you?” He said, no, he just decided to have a throw out. Wow.
What I took was just a few of the items. Golf clubs, three microwave ovens (looked clean and OK), sports equipment, fitness training items, boxes of books …
And also a largish Ikea four sided plywood book/DVD  thingy. It had rained and it was wet and too big for me at the time, but I’ll go back soon and have another look. Bet it’s gone, though.
So even though I should not be collecting stuff, this was too good to pass up and I evaluated whether they will be useful in another house. Yes, they will.

Oh My Dog, again

Minnie is fine
I met up with a woman called Edna at the shops yesterday. She’s in her 70s and I’ve got to know her quite well via mutual dogs. She has had another Labrador, a very boisterous, lolloping black male called Floyd.
Anyway, she loves Minnie, nearly as much as I do. But she’s convinced Minnie is in pain and yesterday, when I said Minnie’s still with me, she gave me a look of disappointment and reprimand! She believes I should put Minnie out of her misery. Put her down, euthanase her. Kill her.
How dare she! Obviously I couldn’t say anything, but I will not be told I should kill my dog just because she believes so.  This is unwarranted interference. I’m annoyed and I will just avoid her. Just as I am having to avoid so many racist, mercenary, stupid ignorant people.