Oh My Dog, again

Minnie is fine
I met up with a woman called Edna at the shops yesterday. She’s in her 70s and I’ve got to know her quite well via mutual dogs. She has had another Labrador, a very boisterous, lolloping black male called Floyd.
Anyway, she loves Minnie, nearly as much as I do. But she’s convinced Minnie is in pain and yesterday, when I said Minnie’s still with me, she gave me a look of disappointment and reprimand! She believes I should put Minnie out of her misery. Put her down, euthanase her. Kill her.
How dare she! Obviously I couldn’t say anything, but I will not be told I should kill my dog just because she believes so.  This is unwarranted interference. I’m annoyed and I will just avoid her. Just as I am having to avoid so many racist, mercenary, stupid ignorant people.

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