Uh oh.

Hoooo boy. What did you think the Euro crisis would mean? I didn’t see this coming:

David Cameron is prepared to override Britain’s historic obligations under EU treaties and impose stringent border controls that would block Greek citizens from entering the United Kingdom, if Greece is forced out of the single currency.
The prime minister told MPs that ministers have examined legal powers that would allow Britain to deprive Greek citizens of their right to free movement across the EU, if the eurozone crisis leads to “stresses and strains”.
In an appearance before senior MPs on the cross-party House of Commons liaison committee, the prime minister confirmed that ministers have drawn up contingency plans for “all sorts of different eventualities”.
The worst-case scenario is understood to cover a Greek exit from the euro, which could trigger a near-collapse of the Greek economy and the flight of hundreds of thousands of its citizens who are currently entitled to settle in any EU country.
The prime minister said Britain is prepared to take measures to avoid a major influx of Greek citizens. “I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our country safe, to keep our banking system strong, to keep our economy robust. At the end of the day, as prime minister, that is your first and foremost duty.”

The Guardian, London, today.

What a day!

It was a beautiful, warm, windless day today and this is Minnie lying asleep in the sun. She’s fine, but you can see the lump in her side and the tumour on her right cheek.
I really don’t think she’s in pain. She doesn’t show any signs of pain except occasional rubbing of her face. When I go near her in this sunny position, she immediately rises and lifts her head and paw, asking for a pat and cuddle. She’s old, but she’s OK and everything is working. She still has appetite, taste, smell, hearing, sight, all her teeth in good condition and a good digestion system. She’s healthy and she’s got a while to go yet.
However, she isn’t coming to the door for her 6.30pm dinner so much now. I give her a meaty bone at 5pm and she’s got dry food, so if she doesn’t want dinner, that’s good as she should be eating less. It’s a bit worrying, all the same.
What a day?
  • Higgs Boson confirmed. Bit esoteric but it opens up new theories in physics and stimulates scientists all over the world – they did it!
  • London bank scandal widens to show even the Bank of England may be implicated in rigging interest rates.
  • I finally got some wood varnishing done and can now install my new table and towel rails.
  • I made a start on detailing all the jobs to be done once I get the reverse mortgage going.
  • I seem to have volunteered myself to have a broadcast 1″ C-format VTR here to dub old videotape to digital for preservation. Ha! I said to the guy, “I thought I’d got away from all that, but I never thought it would chase me back to my home!” I may even have to get back into replacing heads on this VTR. Like riding a bike, you never forget.
  • and more…
About the Higgs Boson — notice how the TV journos are calling it the Higgs Bosun, as in the sailor’s term, bo’sun, short for boatswain. It doesn’t matter to them that the scientist being interviewed says bow-sonne, as in low-con. The interviewer has decided it’s bow sun and she won’t be persuaded. She regards herself as above a mere scientist.
The word is boson, pronounced bow sonne, rhyming with low con. That’s too hard for a TV journalist! No matter what a scientist says, a TV journalist has to put his or her own spin on it, which considering this is physics, has an even deeper meaning, but they wouldn’t understand that allusion either.

It’s the contrast I see, between those who do things, those who are getting stuck in and doing the hard science and engineering and all the rest of it, and the parasites in banking who are literally stealing from us, because they can get away with it. Huge salaries, beyond any reasonable numbers, because they can bullshit and muscle their way and get away with it.
At the same time, the SAS soldier who died in Afghanistan on his seventh tour of duty! He was regarded as a real good guy, one of the best of humankind and he’s dead, dying for the cause. His family will really struggle now, financially and in every other way, while the bank parasites get their new Mercs and laugh at the rest of us. This is WRONG!

I’m becoming convinced that there are a few groups in this world, groups of people.
  • The first group is those who put in the hard work, learn the science or technology, the doctors, pharmacists, scientists, engineers, teachers, technicians, medical people, mechanics, craftsmen, artisans, workmen, builders and so on.
  • The second is the carers: nurses, pathologists, hospital staff, ambos, paramedics, geriatric nurses, all the people who go through a hellish life at times at low pay but do it because they care.
  • The third is the artists: those we need to support because they enrich our lives in non-financial ways.
  • The fourth is the people who try to keep us safe: police, military, customs, quarantine, all those who, again, do an often thankless job for low pay but do it from a sense of duty.
  • I don’t exclude politicians. People deride them, but if it’s so easy, why don’t you take a job as an MP? High pay, big super, o/s trips, chauffered car, allowances. Go on, it’s easy.
    No it’s not. It’s very, very hard work, from 5am to midnight, 7 days a week. If it’s so easy, you do it, otherwise, shut up!

But there are also those who are parasites, feeding off the rest of society.

  • bankers
  • lawyers
  • business people who rake in profits for little effort
  • financial “professionals”
  • casino owners
  • religious professionals
  • many, many journalists
  • sales “professionals”
  • public relations “professionals”, publicists
  • big business owners in non-manufacturing fields, who don’t actually make things
  • TV and radio station owners
  • newspaper owners
I’ll expand this list as I go.
These are the people who didn’t put much effort into getting where they are; those who found the easy path of making money; those who learned that people are easily parted from their money; those who excel at smooth talk; those who don’t actually make anything or do anything, but who think they are providing jobs for others so it’s OK.
Years ago I got riled at Kerry Packer. He was a man who inherited his wealth and power, and believed that it was enough that he paid people wages to do his work for him. He didn’t think he should pay tax as well, because he employed so many people who paid taxes.
I got so angry that I sat down one day and compiled a list (I’m good at that) of all the ways the Australian tax base supported him. I still have that list, quite easily found, but it’s over 50 items long, too long to reproduce here. But just a few examples:
  • his employees were educated at taxpayer expense to do his work
  • he flew in his own aircraft, but on tax funded runways, using tax funded air navigation aids. His plane used tax funded air traffic control.
  • he owned cattle stations, using tax funded quarantine and vet services and agricultural research
  • he used tax funded hospitals and ambulances
  • he was good at publicising his generosity to medical causes, after he found he needed them
  • he was chauffered around on tax funded roads using tax funded traffic controls
  • John Howard gave him a State Funeral, at tax funded expense!! For what??
Very convenient memory Kezza. Your son James is doing the same thing, enriching himself and patting himself on the back as a great Aussie icon, while sucking his wealth out of gambling addicts, those who can’t stop gambling and losing their families’ pay packets to you.  You Slime-bag!