All clear, matey

Ships going away, escaping.    ¬© PJ Croft 2012

  • Prostate check today: all clear, no problem.
  • Blood pressure check: 135/70 in the doctor’s surgery, therefore lower away from ‘surgery syndrome’.
  • Small pain: on lower left that I had been told was “referred pain” from gallstones ( gall bladder is upper right! ) may be a particular type of diverticulitis. No need to worry unless it worsens.
  • Weight: slowly falling.
  • Health: I’m in remarkably good health. I look good, he can see it in my eyes, brighter.
    I feel good, except for my weight.
  • Didn’t need my stick today. Circulation Booster is slowly working.
So, I am fine. No-one need jump to any conclusions about me. Mind your own health.

Additionally, I think I know why I’m feeling and looking better. I’ve taken a chance on something, and it’s paying off.

Not this: Complete new carpets through the house on Friday. Ready to sell.