Shooting for the Moon

Moon 8 July 12 Sigma @ 400mm (600mm eq.) hand held
Once in a blue moon, I realise I can change something that’s been holding me back. For years, I’ve been thinking I can’t change my car because I need a station wagon to transport Minnie. As a side issue, the car pongs of dog smell. I can’t smell it at all, but I think others can.
Yesterday, I realised that I don’t transport Minnie in the back any more. She can’t get up there, even on my ramp, and there’s no way I can lift her. She doesn’t want to leave the yard these days, content to sleep most of the time.
Therefore I’m not tied to this car any more! It’s 11 years old and in great condition, but I’ve always wanted one of these:
Ford Probe
The Probe was a US version of Mazda’s MX6 (not the MX5) only sold between 1994 and 1997. It’s a fuel injected alloy V6 with all the goodies, available with auto transmission for old guys like me, and now down to a second hand price of around $4,000. They were over $50,000 new in the 90s but are unfashionable now.
Or one of these:
Lexus Soarer
Lexus Soarer
The Soarer was on the market in Australia from about 1991 to 2000. They were sold as Toyotas but moved into the Lexus range as the Soarer SC430. They were very expensive then, but are now down to about $7,000 used.
The thing is, they are a twin turbo V8 with all the luxury that the Lexus brand implies, and made to Lexus standards, ie extremely well and extremely reliable. That huge lazy V8 is not stressed – it’s a boulevard cruiser, not a hoon car. All leather, everything electronic, Merc quality.
My Magna should be worth around $5,000 on the second hand market, which basically covers the cost of a Probe or Soarer. People with these cars usually look after them well – they’re an enthusiast’s car and reliability is pretty good these days for Japanese made cars.
So, maybe the time is coming? Free at last to make the change.
The other thing is that most of the second hand ones come up in Brisbane or the Gold Coast dealers. Must have been the White Shoe Brigade guys who owned them.
Therefore, maybe I should do what I wanted to do about eight years ago: use Frequent Flyer points to go to Brisbane, look at the candidates and buy a good one, then drive it back to Perth. Make a trip of it. It would need to be September/October/November, I think, before the heat and flood season on the east side.
GPS makes touring around so easy these days, so navigating with a map on your knee is not required any more.
Additionally, I think it’s time I made the trip as my alter ego. This’ll see who’s reading this.