New moves

Ain’t that nice? Not my picture! I can’t resist putting it up though. Wood Swallows at Roxby Downs in SA (from ABC)
I shouldn’t post the picture above, but I can’t help myself. One of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the guy who put it up on the ABC’s site wouldn’t mind. I have no idea who it was.
Carpet man coming tomorrow. Barry says yes, need carpets to sell the house, plus new lawn at back, nothing else. So let’s see, new carpet for the back lawn, and grass seed for the lounge…
I want to get to my house drawing on the main computer, but BSODs, lockups, failure to recognise wireless keyboard USB transmitter, I’m going mad. At this stage, I can’t get it going. OK, pull it apart, reseat memory and any other loose ICs, check all screws are tight.
And on the laptop, as far as I can see the HDMI output for an external monitor is kaput. I bought a new HDMI cable yesterday (previous was HDMI to DVI) but no difference. Laptop will not recognise an external display.
OK, download graphics driver from nVidia site and try reinstall. Nope. nVidia latest driver says laptop does not have an nVidia adaptor, even though it really, really does.
If I complain to nVidia, they’ll say talk to Sony. If I complain to Sony, they’ll say reinstall graphics driver. If I complain or search on Microsoft for Error 10 Cannot Start Service, there is no solution. Three competing graphics driver/control panels. Whaddya do? Well, I don’t give up, but I do get angry.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention: yesterday I found the matching wireless keyboard for a wireless mouse I had, so I thought I’d get it going on this laptop to ease  typing.
But which wireless USB dongle is it? I’ve got three. One lets the keyboard work, but not the mouse. No other USB dongle will work with any of the three wireless mice I’ve got. Whaddya do? New batteries, yes, done that. Press connect, yes, done that, over and over. Give up.
So I start using the keyboard, but I immediately find the light shines on the keys in a way that means I can’t read them. Oh, it’s not worth the hassle. Give up.
Today I received two lens adapter rings that are marked MD-4/3. I ordered them from HK for $8.95 each.
They are supposed to fit my Minolta MD lenses to my Olympus 4/3 camera. But not even close! I haven’t tried putting an MD lens onto the ring, but there’s no way the rings are ever going to mount on the 4/3 body.
So I don’t know. They must be wrongly marked from the factory. Amazing.
At $8.95 each, it’s no loss. I have no idea what they fit, but it’s not Olympus. No point sending them back, postage would be more than they cost. Very surprised. Chalk it up.
I’ve been back to St Ives today for a look at a villa. No problem. The first one I saw, I could have bought on the spot if I’d had the money. It’s just what I want, FAR better than I’m in now.
So off we go, sale process again. Maybe October or November, the sales lady said units tend to become available.  Not sure how I’m going to do the finance. Sure wish I had my old super money.
Oh, just by coincidence, a resident in this street is asking what we think of getting a rezoning from R20 (single dwellings only) to R30, allowing a double use of our blocks. That means my block could be developed for two units. Fine by me. First, I probably won’t be here, but second, it should increase the value of my house. Just in time. Silver linings!