Slip sliding away

Bet those lake flats are slippery. © PJ Croft 2011
I’ve never slipped over in the shower, but in recent weeks I’ve felt increasingly as if I will, and I didn’t know why. I wondered if the floor had become soap scummed, so I got out the brush and scrubbed it clean, but it didn’t help. Just standing there, I could feel my feet very slowly sliding down the slight slope toward the drain.
I bought a plastic shower mat but that didn’t seem to help much and was uncomfortable, so out it went.
This morning it dawned on me what’s happening. As my legs are becoming dryer and itchier, I’ve been using creams and lotions before bed to try to ease the pain. During the night the itching continues and I use the soles of my feet to scratch my legs.
Therefore when I get up in the morning, without realising it, my feet are a bit greasy with the creams and lotions. I get into the shower and slip, slide, I nearly go over!
The answer is to scrub my feet on the floor to get the creams off in the shower. Note to self: do it.
Well, well, if you’ll pardon the pun on oil wells.
I was going to mention a story I heard on ABC radio yesterday about a very large British petroleum company and its successful attempt to subpoena scientists’ emails about the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. It was a very significant story about the way big companies can stifle scientific research if it suits them.
But I thought I’d better check my facts first, so I went to the ABC’s site and did a search for the item I heard.
Nothing. Not a single reference can I find in yesterday’s news to Big – Petro or Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute or subpoena or emails related, nor on RN’s web page either.
This is weird. I’m sure I didn’t imagine it because I half heard it in the afternoon edition of PM, then heard it again, in full, on the 6pm edition. What is going on? Can it have been removed? Is this a conspiracy? Hmmm.

By the way, I read a great item about how important it is for journalists to check facts before publishing. No matter how plausible something seems, check and get another source.

The New York Times mantra is, Even if your mother rings to tell you she loves you, get another source!