August 5. Remember that date! Mars Curiosity Lander enters the atmosphere of Mars and lands on the surface 7 mins later. By the time we’ve received radio notification of first atmosphere touch, the automated landing will already be over.
If it works, it will be one of the greatest human achievements ever. See here:
This video is inspiring. I get blasé but this is good.
This is good too. A sample of my latest DVD. This is 4 mins out of about 11 mins. The quality here is utterly destroyed by my internet connection. It took more than 90 mins to upload.
The DVD is BluRay to retain the quality. Ask for a copy.
I want to limit it to BluRay because (1) it looks awesome in hi-def and ordinary DVD quality cuts it to pieces; and (2) because BluRays can’t be copied very easily. I want to sell it.

The revolution has arrived! Australian camera and lens prices are now on par or lower than US prices, and Michael Keenan, Liberal Party MHR for Stirling, WA has shown some sympathy for asylum seekers. I never thought I would live long enough.
I have strongly criticised Michael Keenan in the past in emails, telling him I feel disenfranchised in my own electorate, but I will now make another attempt to find common ground.
I am surrounded by “friends” who gloat over the drownings off Christmas Island. People drowning? They’re not like us, so it doesn’t count. “Serve ’em right”, “They should join the queue”, “Why do we bring them to Perth, why don’t we send them to Indonesia?” 
Indonesia doesn’t care and won’t take them back. What are we supposed to do? Leave them in the water? Make war on Indonesia and force them to take them back? Throw lifebelts and let the sharks take them? Let them swim 36 miles back to Java or to CI or Nauru?
We can’t go into Indonesian ports to stop the boats and the smugglers! We don’t have the power. We have no choice but to rescue the swimmers. Do they suggest we do nothing and watch them drown? I seriously say that many, many Australians do say that at the moment. I am not proud.
This is blind, irrational fear. Fear of some Northern Invasion Hordes. I’ve even had one Malaysian Chinese immigrant “friend” say to me, seriously, “We don’t know what diseases they are carrying.” We put them into quarantine, for fuck’s sake!

He’s OK, of course: he’s here, therefore he wants to keep others out. I spit.