© P.J.Croft 2012
Recently I saw a b/w shot of the building on the left taken in the 1980s (see below) that reminded me I had a shot of the same building, taken in 1991. It was used as the Fremantle Old Time Music Hall in the 1980s. At the time I took the shot I didn’t know anything of its past history.
I was surprised to find out today that for images to be protected by copyright, in the USA, and I suspect here too, it’s not sufficient to put (C) PJ Croft [year] as I’ve been doing. It has to be the © symbol!
Apparently, if you don’t use the proper © symbol and sue for damages for unauthorised use, the court may well award damages but at a reduced rate, presumably because you haven’t been diligent enough to use the correct symbol. I’m amazed.
I read this on a US photography blog so I can’t be sure it applies here, but meanwhile it means I have to go Programs/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Character Map, find the symbol, click to select, click to copy to clipboard, go back to my text and paste it in. Unbelievable.
The other way is to memorise the key strokes — Alt+0169. Easier obviously, but not always remembered.
The web site where I saw the b/w image is  Now, I was only a humble techo, congenitally shy as all we techs are, but I knew a lot of these theatre people! I would have been comfortable chatting to them at that party. Amazing.

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