Food for the Sole (sic)

Hi again;  Wednesday and it’s another beautiful day in Paradise. As long as I had aircon, I could live here, I reckon. You even get used to the warm humidity and you probably wouldn’t need aircon after a few months. Also, every breeze is a cool breeze.

This is our view across the bay from the hotel. I’d like to say I took this today, but this was 25 years ago. ‘Course it’s all changed now – there are rows of these bloody mountains all along the coast, blocking the sun, casting shadows on the beach. The locals are complaining and want a council ban to stop any more. Twin cities with Cottesloe and Scarborough…

Another good night’s sleep last night after a great meal just down the street. Nasi Campur – mixed rice, but it’s actually a bit of beef rendang, a bit of gado gado, a bit of chicken curry and so on, with rice. It was delicious. I had a small calamari entree, the main dish and a large gin and tonic all for $13.87, total. Excellent.

Speaking of food, the title above reflects the laugh I’ve just had while browsing the room service menu [my comments in brackets]:

  • Roasted Slice of Lamp Salad  [nice and crunchy no doubt, but watch out for the glass noodles, and the filaments of tungsten are electric on the tung. Power cord supplied. Ideal for a light snack.]
  • Wok tossed lamp of beef  [another light dish, but a bit heavier.]
  • Foccasia  [popular Italian bread but with an Oriental touch]
  • Grilled N.Z. Lamb Chop with potato of the day [freshly caught potato, straight from the bay, no doubt]

They do extremely well to speak and write our language. I’m not criticising one bit.

I’m finding it very hard to do any serious photography, I’m afraid. I tried some close-up shots this morning in the gardens but my eyesight is now so bad that I can’t switch easily between looking at the subject some distance away and looking at the camera screen for composition and framing. I’ll include a couple of images and my first attempt at some video (shot yesterday), but oh dear, I’m not like I was 20 years ago. Way out of condition and way out of practice. I’ll try, but …

Actually,  that was using the small Panasonic camera, which doesn’t have a viewfinder, only a rear screen. My Canon 40D SLR has an optical viewfinder, however, which is adjustable for eyesight. I must get it out of the bag and see if that solves the problem.

This is awful, I know, but it’s the first time I’ve posted video. Shot in full HD and squashed down to mp4 in Edius. I’ll have to experiment to see what works. I don’t know yet what file size, image size or video formats work.

There was very distant thunder at about 5am and I tried to make myself get out of bed and go down to the beach for the dawn. It’s only about 200m, but I couldn’t make myself do it. Must try harder!

Everything else is going fine. No tummy troubles, even though the other guys are rumbling a bit. Maybe that was the thunder I heard!

I may go over to Kuta today, just for a look, but it’s hard to get moving. Don’t know.

Now to make the long, 20m trek to the lobby to use the wi-fi to post this. Oh, it’s a tough life in Paradise. Hang on … if this is Paradise, which everyone says it is, where are my 72 virgins? Naughty, naughty. Oh, you have to die first, you say?

Amazing – I’m hungry again. Cheers.