Where is this? Answer at bottom of post.

I was a bit too pessimistic about the comet, ISON. It seemed yesterday to have boiled away as it passed behind the Sun, but today it seems it lives! They’re not sure what they’re seeing, but something has reappeared to the right of the Sun and is getting brighter. It’s nowhere near as big as it was, but they reckon we should be able to see it in the next week, before dawn. The tail should be pointing straight up and you should be able to see it without binoculars or telescope. Likewise at sunset, but the tail will be horizontal and not as easy to see.


I’ve just walked via the chemist to drop off the latest letters for the previous owners of this house. Even after 7 months, there are still letters coming to this address from the City of Wanneroo. I would have thought that would be one of the first addresses to be changed.

Not that I mind. It’s no trouble because I’m going there anyway.


Then to Coles for a few groceries. I’m still not over Minnie, y’know. Every time I walk past the dog food cabinets or shelves, I’m reminded. It’s still hard.

I see the Pet Rescue ads and I get tempted. But for the first time since 1998 I can go out freely and not worry about food or feeding time, and think about going away without worrying about how to take care of Minnie or Boopsie. I’m still grieving, though. It still hurts.


Hmmm. I’ve just read an interview with Terry Jones of the Pythons. He’s 71 and his (second) wife is 30. There’s hope for me yet. She’s Swedish, so maybe I have to go there?


Answer to quiz?  Esperance, WA from space. I would never have guessed.


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