Making a stand

PlaceholderFrom among my collection of idiotic messages

As part of fitting out my house, I needed a pair of speaker stands. I used to have a good pair but I gave them away in the big clear out. I was reluctantly thinking of buying a new pair, but they’re not cheap.

There’s a “Bring out your dead” pickup in this area at the moment and I drove around a few days ago. There was a pair of speaker stands on a verge. Not very nice ones but they would do so I grabbed them.

Then yesterday I walked to the shops and examined another pile nearby. Stap me, there was another pair, in good condition and better than the others. I grabbed them too. A bit of car polish and they’ll be good as new. One man’s trash …


I saw the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday about my shoulder and C6 vertebra. It’s not really painful any more, leaving only a bit of numbness and tingling in my left thumb and forefinger. He checked me thoroughly (hands on) and showed me the CAT scan. It shows a fair sized bone spur growing into the opening of the vertebra.

But he agrees with me and my GP that surgery is not warranted at the moment. He’s ordered an MRI to see the spinal cord more precisely, but doesn’t think there’s a problem yet. I agree. Any surgery would be pretty invasive and near the nerves. No thanks.


Damn, missed another comet. Comet ISON passed behind the Sun yesterday and was expected to be bright next week. But it seems to have broken up and won’t be shining now. I tried to get up before dawn a few times during this week to see it as it approached the Sun, but I always went back to sleep. I wish comets would keep normal daytime hours.