Cabinet meeting


This is my new kitchen cabinet. This house has a b … awful kitchen, not that it bothers me very much, I hardly ever cook. But the shelves and cabinets are too high and there’s not enough of them.

So at last with this I have somewhere to put all my crockery and glassware. I hope to get glass doors to go on the front, but nothing yet. Beautiful high gloss white lower doors. IKEA Besta. Yes, I know the shelf spacing is out. To be fixed.


I saw the doc last week and he agreed that I can go off the Lyrica to see if it will stop my tremors. I can hardly write normally or hold screws and a screwdriver (but I do eventually). The question is, will the shoulder pain come back? I have an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon on the 28th.

Update: the tremors haven’t stopped, they’ve got worse if anything, but the shoulder pain, although noticeable, is OK.


Do you know you can buy a cabin on an ocean liner and cruise the world permanently? Just as if it were a flat or unit. Some are only about US$275,000 for permanent ownership (owner ship, yeah). They’re small, but bigger than a cabin, with a double bedroom, bathroom with shower and bath, kitchen and lounge/dining. Fully furnished and with no ongoing maintenance fees. You don’t get a balcony for that price, though. That’ll cost you about US$1m.

Just dreaming.


It’s been a day of LOUD music from somewhere around here, I suspect the pub. It started about 11am and thankfully finished at about 3.30pm. Just boom box bass stuff.

Then about 3pm I heard a loud thud on my bedroom window. I thought it was a soccer ball or a rolled up heavy newspaper, but I think now it may have been a bird hitting the glass. It’s covered in mirror film, so it could well be. It was lucky it didn’t break.